Chapter 1: The Secret Weapon

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" You also need this money for your family." I reach for her hand giving it a light squeeze.

"Yes but, I can't do this without you." I reply looking between her confused eyes and own hands now intertwined.

"Then let's go, let's leave and find any other thing, I don't know coffee shops, restaurants, anything but not this." Leyla whispers stroking my cheek.

"Lele, you know I've never been good doing anything, I was never smart like you. This is the only place I've been able to get money from and do everything I want including this." I say twirling around. "My body is the only way to get what I want."

She squeezes my hand with her warmer one, her eyebrows furrowed. "Bella, you're beautiful just the way you are, your body, your beautiful angelical face everything about you is perfect. You didn't have to do surgery to look better." she hesitate. "You don't have to dance almost naked in front of men or even have sex with them for money."

"Yes I needed, and I would to everything again. I want to be the best, the most beautiful, the sexiest and richest of them all." I forced a smile gazing at the small open window.

"But this doesn't make you happy. Bella look at you, look at your own eyes." Leyla pleads. "You're destroyed, you're not you anymore and that's because this doesn't please you."

"You're wrong." I shake my head laughing sarcastically. "This is the only way to get what I want, and I'll do it!" I sniffed chewing my own bottom lip avoiding her gaze.


"Ladies, Ladies!!!" Minttu calls out excitingly interrupting the little conversation. Her face lit up as soon as her green dark orbs meet us. "I'm glad you two still here." she says excitingly looking between me and Leyla.

"What's up boss?" Nicole asks confused sitting on one of the empty couches followed by the other girls.

"I just received a call, and this bring us some news." she ran her hand through her long dark chocolate waves, holding the phone closer to her chest with the biggest grin you can imagine.

"It's one of them, isn't it?" Nicole raised herself from the couch as quickly as a human being could almost tripping in one of the girls sitting on the floor. Her eyes were glinting just like she was looking into a light mirroring Minttu.

Minttu doesn't say a word, she only nods bursting into a excitingly laugh. Leyla's mouth fell open, her pale skin turning into a light scarlet her eyes sparking with a unique recognition mirroring every other girl in the room.

"It's Ricciardo, isn't it?" Minttu eyes gleamed with excitement as she nods again. Murmurs could be quickly heard as everyone's mood including mine and Leyla seems to improve only to hear this name.

"Yes!" she replied a few seconds later sighing. "I want Nicole, Leyla, Hannah, Ilaria and you too Bella." Minttu points out proudly. "You're our secret weapon, my beautiful." she lifted an eyebrow subtly winking and caressing my cheek.

"Just to let you know that I'm his favorite." Nicole stated earning an eye roll from me.

"I want all of you to get ready, we'll meet him outside alright? Now spread spread go keep your work." she claps her hands together.

"While you out there slaying I'll choose our outfits." Leyla gets up excitingly finally smiling.

It was surreal that Minttu was already shoving us such big opportunity while we were here for less than 2 months. I could not help but feel somehow lost yet grateful for what she did for me and Leyla.

"Bella, this is your chance, I'm sure he's gonna pick you, you're the favorite." Ilaria stated giving me a lopsided grin.

"Didn't you hear Nicole? She's the favorite!" I reply shaking my head.

"Yes but with this melons no one can resist our Bella." Minttu winks walking backwards to the doors. "Go out there, steal the show and get back here to steal some hearts." she murmurs and winks closing the door behind.

"Oh My GOD! RICCIARDO IS ACTUALLY COMING AND HE MIGHT PICK YOU AND ME!" Leyla shouts almost breaking my ears. "Can you believe this? This is absolutely crazy oh My God."

"What if he picks only you? Or only me?!" Leyla' furrowed her eyebrows shoving away whatever negative feelings she had in that moment.

"He will pick us both! If we do this we might be finally able to send some money to our parents and even buy another apartment and I can finally leave." she replies dreamily.

"What if he doesn't pick one of us?" I insist turning go the mirror yet peering into the couch where she's lazily sitting.

"of course he will..." her eyes narrowed as she observed me.

"But what if?" I vulnerably asked

"He will." she groans gawking at me.

"Bella, it's time!" a voice outside the door called as Leyla got up to give me a fake mock salute, a ritual we have since forever now.

We squeezed each other's hands as we followed the long corridor back to the main room of the club, were the loud music was blasting, old guys drinking old bottles of wine, big part of them dressed in old shirts just like them maybe one and other wearing expensive jacked or tuxedoes, their compromise gold rings always calling attention, but it seemed like they didn't care about it.

The neon lights, the expensive chandelier and the rainbow lights around it sometimes illuminating each and every dancer in one of the pole bars, the one in the center waiting for me as Minttu sensually introduced me. This was so normal now.

I gave Leyla a last smile before sighing for myself and painting the fake smile I had to every single night just to one thing. Earn money, earn fame. Earn everything I always deserved. To be the greatest, because here that's what I am. The greatest.


Oh my God I finally decided to do this lmao. Whoever reads this, I hope you guys love this book as much as I enjoy writing it. Much love ❤️

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