Chapter Two

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Terri wandered the halls. I wonder how many others made it. They didn't know of any other colonies. Then again, there really wasn't any way to contact the outside world. What's left of it anyway.

This place was the only way that they could survive. Terri shuddered, a memory of what lay above sneaking its way into her mind.

No one was comfortable with the current arrangements. The non-humans didn't trust the humans and the humans did not trust the magical-folk, especially those of a demonic nature. She was, unfortunately, put into the latter category. She was a witch and therefore not fully trusted. Many times she ended up in the company of the more amiable demons.

She hadn't even lived in the town. She and her friend Jamie had felt the dark magicks rising and had headed over. They were unable to help. They were too young and inexperienced. Her friend at least had more experience than she did, but Jamie as usual was being secretive and wouldn't fully explain everything to her.

That was one thing about Jamie that pissed Terri off. She'd most certainly never tell the other girl, but Jamie definitely had some weird ego: a big one that she tried to hide.

Terri had let her friend's silence slide as usual. Maybe she shouldn't have. Did she really believe that whether Jamie had told her true reasons that they wouldn't have lost the battle? In all honesty? No, Terri was sure that they would have still lost.

The anger was always there: at Jamie, at whatever had pierced the Veil, and at herself. Jamie kept on keeping secrets and she kept letting her.

As Terri wandered through the corridor, she saw a group of demons heading her way. For some reason Terri couldn't bring herself to care whether or not she angered the creatures. The idea to leave barely skimmed her mind. She felt almost empty at that moment. I just want to leave this place, came the thought. She was tired of being here.

They stopped in front of her, glaring down at her.

They were big, that was one thing. Seven feet or so. Sharp teeth and dreadlocks, a dark murky green, muscles too. The name was on the tip of her tongue. Shvrztchn! Terri had never actually seen one before, only in books.

"Out of our way meat-bag," the one in front growled.

"Make me." What the hell?? I've gone insane or something! I don't really have a death wish!

One from the back stepped towards her. "As you wish." It grinned and hefted Terri up by her shirt.

"Nekchite!" The air surrounding the beast immediately thickened.

The monster threw her to the ground and grinned. "It's been awhile since I've had witch-meat." It licked its lips.

"Can we just forget about my temporary insanity?" Terri gave the demon a pleading expression. "Please?" The emptiness had left her, something she was grateful for.

The beast sneered at her. "I-" It never got the chance to finish.

"Can't you keep yourself out of trouble for even a minute?" Rhiannon chuckled, placing herself between Terri and the Shvrztchn

The lead Shvrztchn growled at Rhiannon. "Guardian." He bared his teeth at her.

"I wouldn't have actually the girl."

Rhiannon looked at the beasts skeptically. "Really?"

"We would not threaten the peace. We want to live as much as you do," he said.

"Let's keep it that way." Rhiannon clasped Terri's wrist and began walking away.

Terri looked up at Rhiannon and gave her a weak smile. "I guess I can't keep myself out of trouble," she joked.

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