13~ Valentine's Day

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Yuna's POV
//a few months later..

Why is there so many heart balloons? So many girls holding chocolate? Is there some sort of event that I should know about? Why is there girls and guys all together?

As I head into the classroom, I see a stack of chocolates on Jungkook's desk. And I mean, a huge stack. Jungkook's face lit up when he saw me. I sat down in my seat and put my backpack behind me.

"Yunaaaa, look at all these chocolates!" 'Nice.' "Do you have any chocolate to give to me? I've been waiting for yours especially!" he scrunches his nose. 'Why do I need to give you chocolate?'

He pouts. "You really don't know?" I shake my head side to side. "Hmm.. I'll give you a hint." Aish, I shouldn't of asked. "When a girl gives a guy chocolates, that means?" That's not a hint, that's more of another question answering my question. Just tell meeee.

'Hmm.. I don't know.. the guy like sweets?' "No.. what day would the girl give it to the guy?" 'On their birthday?' "Are you playing dumb?" 'No.' At least I'm not like you at times.. smh.

"Yuna, today is—! Drum roll please." 'No.' "Okay then! Today is—!" Right when he said it, the bell rang. "We'll talk more about it later!" his cheeks puffs up as he smiles. He turns his gaze to the teacher, but I could feel him staring at me from my peripheral vision.


"Chocolate." I nod. "Heart." I nod again. "Aish, Yuna!!" he pouts. 'It really doesn't ring a bell.' "It's Val—!" he cuts himself off. Val? "It's valuable to me! Whatever you give me!"

'What if I gave you a rock?' "You know what I meant!" I persisted on teasing. 'But you did say whatever I give you.' "Okay okay! Whatever you give me that is in stores!"

'What if I brought a rock inside the store and bought it?' "Is that even possible?" I shrugged. "I want something sweet from you! Like.. your lips." he winks, but then it turns to an evil smirk when he saw me with a flustered reaction.

"How about.. if you don't make me or buy me something sweet, you have to kiss me!" Jungkook coerces. Bwo?! Does he really not know what comes out of that mouth of his?

We were heading towards my bike and we were not close, but not that far from it either. I wanted to go home. I had enough of his.. strange words today.

"I-I'm going to head home now! See ya." I stammer. Aish, I didn't want to sound like that! "Oh.. okay. Don't forget to give me something by the end of today! Or else—" I scattered before I could hear that last part, already knowing what he was going to say.

Geez.. what a bother. I think to myself while getting on my bike. What should I give him anyways? What chocolates brands are there? I paddle the pedals. Lindt. Snickers. KitKat. Hershey. Kisses.

...Why? No.. how do you manage to think of these sort of stuff? Kisses are chocolate made by Hershey! Geez Yuna. I got home and put my bike to the side. Why is today such an important day anyways?

I opened the door after I twisted the key and turned the door knob. I threw my backpack to the side and threw myself on the couch. I lie there, getting all warm and comfy, when eomma comes in from the kitchen with some food.

"Welcome back Yuna! How was school?" Eomma asks as she eats a spoon full of food. Maybe that's what I look like when I'm eating. "A blast."

"Really? What did you do?" Suffer. "Sunshine and rainbows." Eomma chuckles at my remark. "Sounds amazing haha. But anyways, your appa and I are going to go out for dinner. Did you want to come?"

"No, it's fine. By the way.. what day is it today?" She swallows the food that she stuffed in her mouth. "February 14th." Well yeah, I know what the date is. "No, I meant if there's a special day today."

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