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Skye lay gasping, her head spinning to such an extent that the wooden floor and white ceiling seemed to mix together. She almost wished she would pass out so she could avoid the nausea that was building in her stomach. But Skye wanted to hear the judgment against the three men. After everything they had done to her and Jesse, she needed to listen to it.

Dylan's feet pounded against the wood floor as he rushed to her and Skye opened her eyes to the sight of his beige shoes in front of her as he crouched down toward her.

"Skye, darlin'." Dylan's voice and his touch were tender as he started to raise her. A loud moan escaped her.

"Where's the Doc?" Dylan shouted over the chaotic voices of the crowd. Sound had been a selective thing a minute ago, her strained breathing and Dylan's footsteps the only things that had come to her. Now it all rushed in. People shouting, babies crying. Skye heard a struggle and lifted her eyes to see Tom and his two deputies jump on top of Calvin, who was a wild blur of hands and legs.

Skye watched, almost unattached, as Pete and Tony, chained as they were, joined the ball of men. Other men from the crowd joined the melee. Only when she saw Jesse rush toward them did her heart leap and her eye focus on what she was seeing.

"Dylan! Dylan!" she gasped out as she weakly grabbed his t-shirt and pulled. Yelling across the room to Wade, Dylan didn't notice her weak attempts to get his attention. Skye wrapped her hand around his leather belt, and when he went to rise, tried to hold him in place. So concentrated on his own purpose, he was half-way up, dragging her with him, before he realized what was happening.

"Skye, what are you doing?" He crouched back down, his blue eyes showing his concern.

Skye pointed to the bundle of fighting men. "Jesse! Jesse is in there."

Dylan's eyes widened, and he shook his head. He pushed Skye up against the wall, as far from the fighting as he could, and whistled sharply to his brother. Wade was there in an instant, and Dylan nodded to the problem.

Dylan looked for and found Tricia, then motioned her over and told her to stay with Skye. Then he followed Wade into the fight.

Skye pushed herself up as she much as she could with Tricia's help. "Oh, Tricia! What was he thinking?" she asked as she searched unsuccessfully for a glimpse of Jesse.

"He was thinkin' he's some great big fellow when he's only a little bit of one, a common defect of most young men and some older ones as well," she said eyed the men with a wry grimace.

The woman watched as Dylan and Wade made their way through the brawl, throwing punches and men out of their way. Finally, Wade grabbed someone around the waist and pulled. Jesse fought as he came, but Wade held him tightly hiking him up when he was clear of the fight and carrying him over to Skye.

"Let me go! Let me go!" Jesse pushed and wiggled against Wade in his efforts to escape and rejoin the fight.

"I know your blood is up, boy, but try 'n settle it down," Wade said as they walked back to Skye.

Worried, Skye held her arms out to Jesse, but Wade didn't relinquish the squirming boy. "I can't let you go 'til you settle."

Jesse still eyed the fight, but his breathing slowed. Skye bit her bottom lip. Those men had put them through a lot, and she'd underestimated how Jess had been affected by it.

Trying to get his attention, Skye said, "Jesse, I need you. Could you help me?"

He huffed a few times before demanding to be let go.

"Your stayin' put right here," Dylan said accepting no argument when Jesse started to talk back. Dylan punched his finger toward the floor beside Skye. "Right here."

His face sullen, Jesse dropped to the floor. He was in such a state from the brawl that when Skye raised her hand to brush his hair back, he jerked away from her as if in fear.

"Jesse, are you okay?"

He frowned for a moment, then shook his head. "I don't think so."

"Come here, honey."

He sunk into Skye's arms and if she hurt a little bit more because of his weight, she didn't mind. Pulling his thick, dark hair back from his sweaty face, she saw he was already bruising. "Are you hurt?"

Jesse shook his head. When he spoke, his words were raw though soft enough that Skye had to lean in to hear them over the noise of the room. "I just- When he hit ya, the whole room turned red." Dylan laid his hand on Jesse's shoulder as the boy continued, "He's done so much already, I couldn't let him get away with this too. I had to stop him. That's all I could think about, that and movin' and hittin'."

Skye teared up at his words, while Dylan's face showed his sympathy for him. "It's okay, Jesse. I get it, I do. You'll be okay now" Jesse looked at Dylan and the two exchanged a look of understanding. "You gotta to fight those feelings, try to think it through, no matter how tough it is."

Skye kissed the top of Jesse's head as she scanned the room. The fight continued as the others jeered and yelled, but it was about to end. "There is no reason to worry, the judge has it well in hand," Skye said. They shot Skye a bewildered glance before looking at Judge Munson, just as he raised his arm into the air and the blast of his gun echoed through the room, numbing their ears.

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