"I'm surprised my parents haven't come up yet," Vinny said. He knew they were going to be watching their every move for a while.

"Me too actually," Oliver chuckled. Vinny loved it when he did that. "Oh my god, my dad's gonna freak out!"

"It must be hard for him to understand," Vinny said. Yes, it was hard for Oliver at first, but he could feel what was going on with the bond. John could only watch as his son quickly fell in love with someone they never thought they would ever meet.

"He has done well though. He can get quite protective over me sometimes, but he hasn't really shown it. I think he has finally managed to let me figure it out by myself. Either that or he has no idea how to figure it out."

They paused before saying, "The second one," in sync.

Oliver dropped his head onto Vinny's chest and laughed. "you're stealing my words!"

"No, you're stealing my words." Vinny ran a hand through Oliver's hair. "Wait, don't tell me." Oliver sat up and watched him think. "You're hungry?"

The human raised his eyebrows. "I was going to ask if we could get some dinner."

The boys were not aware of how long they had been unconscious for, but it was dark outside now. Vinny didn't put that down to their bond though, he was hungry, so he thought that maybe Oliver was too.

"There should be food in the dining room by now." He looked at his watch. It was nearly six in the evening.

"I'm so hungry," Oliver said and climbed off the bed.

Vinny got up too after rubbing the back of his neck. It was a little stiff from hitting the wall, but he was healing fast.

"I'll race you!" Oliver yelled before dashing out of the bedroom.

Vinny blinked at how fast he disappeared, but it didn't take long for him to start sprinting after him.

* * * * *

Madison and Duke had decided to share a glass of wine together. After a week or so of chaos, they felt like they deserved it. The vampires very rarely drank. It was a treat.

Suddenly, Oliver made quite an entrance as the door flung open and he burst into the room. He lifted his arms in the air and turned around, just as Vinny entered after him. "I win again!" he chuckled. "you're so slow."

Vinny purposely bumped into him, breathing heavy. "You had a head start."

"You just can't admit that you're slow."

Vinny grabbed his hands and guided him over to the table. They sat opposite his parents.

"Hi boys, how are you doing after earlier?" Madison asked. She and Duke were quite excited to be around them after the recent events.

"Good," they said at the same time.

"What did I tell you? Stop stealing my words," Oliver chuckled.

Vinny shook his head. There was no preventing it; they were just so in sync now.

"How often are you doing that?" Duke asked with a chuckle.

"All the time," They said in unison.

Oliver dropped his head onto the table. "Maybe it'll calm down when we're used to this?"

Vinny was somewhat amused by their new synchronisation. He loved how they were so alike that they knew what the other would say without even thinking about it.

"That is so weird," Madison said as Oliver jolted back into action.

"I'm going to think of a random word, and we both have to say it at the same time," he said proudly.

"But I can't read your mind," Vinny frowned.

"You never know, it might work."

"I'll count to three, then say it," Duke said, and the boys nodded.

Oliver stared at Vinny. Their eyes locked together and the vampire stopped blinking, not that he blinked much to begin with, which made his glare so intense.

"Okay, I've got it." Oliver rubbed his hands together. Vinny snorted at his excitement.

Duke cleared his throat. "One, two, three-"

"Shark," the boys said together.

Their word stunned even Vinny when his eyes widened. "I didn't think it would work."

"Well, this just proves how much you're connected." Duke looked at his wife. They couldn't believe that sharing a full soul with someone would make them so attached, primarily through the mind.

"Why shark?" Vinny questioned.

"I don't know. When I thought of something random, it was the first thing to pop into my head," Oliver shrugged.

"Of course it was," Vinny didn't know why he was surprised. "You're odd."

"And very hungry."

Vinny exhaled deeply and allowed himself to relax into his chair, relieving the new and stressful feelings that flowed through his body. Oliver was consistently in the back of his mind even when he was right next to him.

"Vinny, are you having food or are you going to stare at Oliver for the rest of your life?" Duke asked with a smirk.

Vinny threw daggers with his glare as Oliver tried his hardest not to blush, knowing his soulmate would have a meltdown.

They then settled into comfortable silence as the boys ate their dinner. The day had been incredibly worrying, nerve-wracking, and exciting for those involved with the bond. The impossible happened, and the boys received a once in a lifetime gift.

They felt like there was room to gain a better understanding of their new and tight bond. It was easy for them to accept the fact that they are much closer on a personal level.

Oliver couldn't wait to tell his dad, but he still had to talk to him about Duke's offer. In Oliver's opinion, the proposal was life-changing. Who would turn down a lifeline that lasts for thousands of years? They'd have to be out of their minds.

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