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Ok so-
This is gonna suck very much cause I never wrote lesbian smut-

Even tho I mentioned on my other book that I will do girlxgirl smut book so this is practice??? Idk and im sorry if this one will suck-

And the song above is perfect, fite me...

Lets get into it-

*Sharp breath and sweat intenfies*


Eliza P.O.V

It was monday, typical day.

I groaned as I woke up, next to my angel.  Maria.

Right. I didn't came home from last night.

I get up and yawned and scratch my arms wide.

Then I crept over Maria to brush away hair from her face, and I kiss her.

You gotta admit it, she was pure angel.

We met in highschool. She was known to be 'school-whore' because she slept with boys. And with some girls. And she was humiliated in school. And even at home.

She lived with her abusive boyfriend, James.

But she needed to stay, because that fucker would kill her family. And as sweetheart as she always been, she choose family over her.

She was in poor family, her mother was widow, her dad passed away because of cancer when she was only 7 years old. And she had 3 younger siblings which she adored more then anything.

She was my crush.

And thankfully, my sister Angelica, who was against abuse, rape, self-harm and other things like that, she asked Maria for bruises.

I still remember that day.

Maria was on edge of crying, she told her whole story, and honestly I was shocked and amazed, at how that brave girl can survive something so deadly per life.

Angelica fight to get James therapist, psychology help, and jail. And her family by the time got rich, thanks to my father who helped them.

And I confessed my feeling ti her, as she accept it.

Few years after highschool passed. We got in college and afford money and gotten married. And now we are here.

(Awh would you look at that, I am so describefull lmao.)

Today is our 5th anniversity. That git me idea.

I slowly got underneath blanket, carefull to not wake her.

I was in middle of her laced panties.

I slowly licked, right in centar, which I received a moan from her. And that moan made me keep going.

I tug her panties slowly.

"E..eliza??" Maria spoke up.

Fuck she wake up.

I licked her clit, which made her yelp.

She revealed blanket as it revealed me, sucking her as I smirked. She squirmed and moaned deeply of her glorious voice.

Holy shit, I could listen that forever.

I sucked more deeply as she helped herself to get up with elbows, her eyes stared at me lustily and lovingly, like mother to child.

"S-someone is d-dominant t-today??" She asked as she moaned.

Ah that is right, she is usually dom and im sub. Well not today.

Imma lease her whole day today.

She moaned-screamed as heelr juices came all over me.

"E-eliza!!!" She said grabbing my hair.

I got up and kissed her lovingly, juices still left in my mouth, just to give her a taste.

She moaned as I pulled back, saliva connecting us.

"That was..." She started as I interrupted her

"Awesome?" I smikerd as she blushed.

"Who learned you that skill??" Maria asked me as she crept to me closer, holding me tightly as she was about to lose me.

I smiled.
"My amazing wife" I said as I kissed her once more.

"Happy anniversity baby" I said I put finger inside her, just to make her moan.

"H..happy- HOLY SHIT ELIZA!!" Maria moaned, interrupted as I twirled finger around her g-spot.

She moaned crazily as I added 1 more finger.

She squirmed beneath me as I put my face bettlween her big chest. She moaned when I nibbled her nipple through clothing.

She cried out that she was close.

"E-eliza-" She started, crying helplessly.

"Say it baby" I said as I scizzored her, pushing deepyly, scretching her while adding third finger inside her.

"ELIZA IM COMING!!" She said screaming as she came for second time today.

She huffed panting, as I kissed her forehead before pecking her lips.

"I love you Eliza" Maria said.

"I love you too Maria. And if you think that this is over, oh baby, your wrong." I said smirking devilshly.

Maria oanted happily.

"Happy anniversity, babe"

The end

Ok wow this is not so bad lmao.

I hope you enjoyed it!

And dont forget to request more stuff ;_;.


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