Chapter 8

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Ron and Harry were tiredly following behind Hermione, where they spent their entire afternoon in the library. Suddenly they heard loud footsteps coming down the hall. Clearly it was Hagrid, but he seems to be talking with someone. The trio quickly run and hide behind a piece of armour.

" Professor Dumbledore sir, I assure you the Sorcerer's Stone is perfectly safe where it is. Fluffy won't let anyone through, 'cept me and you sir. I swear this on Merlin's beard."

" Thank you Hagrid. Quiet now people may be listening in on this conversation." After the two left Harry, Hermione and Ron came out from their hiding spot. Ron looked at his two companions, " We should tell Percy this." Both Harry and Hermione shook their heads, Hermione starts walking back to the Griffindor common room. " No, he's hiding something. We can't tell him, we'll have to do this on our own." He nods and follow her back.

They walk into the common room to find Percy on one of the chairs. He was laying sideways on it with is head on one armrest and his legs slung over the other one. It looked like he was deep in thought, the book on his lap long forgotten.

Percy had just been told by Hecate that Voldemort might make a move soon. He wondered what it would be. He didn't seem to notice the trio sneak past him and walk to the dorms. Percy sat there the whole night pondering over what he should do and how to prepare. Hermione found him in the same position the next morning. She looked at him curiously. In that moment he didn't seem like a twelve year old boy to her. He seemed much older and wiser. She didn't know how right she was.

"Percy, have you been here all night? What is bothering so much?" You could hear the care in her voice, even though she knows he's hiding something, she still has a small crush on him. Or what a twelve year old girl thinks is a crush. He looked up at her but his eyes were unfocused. " Hummm... yeah,yeah just thinkin' is all. We going to breakfast now?" She shook her head. " No, you still need to shower and dress. Your still in yesterday's clothes." Percy looked down at himself surprised " Oh ok. I'll be back in a minute."

He quickly ran upstairs, grabbed his clothes and walk into the bathroom. After doing the morning routine he jogs down the stairs to see Hermione picking up the book he started to read last night. Powerful artifacts and their creators. She flipped through some of the pages, but stopped at one. He looked over her shoulder seeing the picture of the Sorcerer's Stone.

"What's so interesting about that one? Or maybe.......let me guess you found out what it was and didn't want to tell me?" She looked at him surprised. Percy didn't look angry or upset at all, it was like it didn't bother him. " Well see...." She stopped and took a deep breath. " Yes last night we heard Dumbledore and Hagrid talking. They said that the guard dog's name is fluffy and that it's protecting the Sorcerer's Stone. We decided we didn't want to tell you because your hiding things from us and if you don't want to tell us things we're not going to tell you thing."

Percy nodded his head in understanding, " I see. Well that's a shame didn't think keeping secrets was a crime. Even though Harry's scar burns everytime he's near something related to Voldemort and didn't tell us once and Ron has a fear of spiders. Did you know that? All of us has secrets Hermione, mine is just bigger than most."

She looks down in embarrassment, " Sorry it's just.....things are changing. Can you feel it? The sense of foreboding, that's something is going to happen." He smiles and put his hand on her shoulder. " Your smarter than most give you credit for Hermione. Next time tell me please, I might be able to help. day I'll maybe tell you everything."

She nods her head and walk out.


It's almost the end of the year now. Hermione realized that Percy can excel in all his school work if he wanted to, but for some reason he intentionally makes his marks average. More than once she's spied on him and found him doing advanced magic for a first year. Her questions keep on piling up and up.

Harry is doing better in his school work than he expected, though Hermione does have a lot to do with it. Almost all of their quidditch matches was won, except the one against Slytherin. Of course Ron and Hermione told him that they caught professor Snape casting a spell on his broom almost making him fall. While this incident happened, the Slytherin team kept on scoring goals. Snape is the one that's after the Sorcerer's Stone, he knows it.

Ron is starting to feel like a third wheel. Hermione is doing exceptionally well in school while Harry, along with being famous is doing great in quidditch. Hermione's been a great help with learning and helping him pass.

Percy.....well he's Percy. This whole business is starting to get boring. Sure spending time with Hermione is fun and doing pranks with Harry and Ron also. It's just, that there's no action. He's a demigod with ADHD, and for the past few months all he's done is kill a few hellhounds and Cyclops'. After his talk with Hermione she's keeping him in the loop if anyone finds something new. He also gives some new info every now and then. After all it has to look like his contributing to the team. Many nights he sneaks out and spends dinner with Hestia. She's almost like his adoptive mother and takes care of him and he goes to her when the nightmares of Tartarus is worse than most nights. That place still haunts him, luckily he hasn't woken up the whole Hogwarts with screaming. Only once did Ron and Harry find him whimpering in his sleep where the got Hermione to wake him up. He didn't tell her of course, but she didn't push also. Hades is a better father than Poseidon ever was. Percy frequently spends time in the underworld, helping his dad with anything he needed. Occasionally they would just sit on the couch and whatch a movie, both of them even cried when the big guy in The Green Mile died and Persephone had to run around the palace, bringing them ice cream and tissues. To keep up his demigod senses and skills he practices with the Heroes of old. They have also started teaching Percy on different weapon types and how to wield them.

Sorry for the short chapter. Also sorry for how bad it is and weakly constructed. It was more a filler than anything else. It was also to get most of the stories specifications in line to get to the end of Harry Potter book 1. Such as their doubt in Percy or what the artifact is, seeing as I didn't really leave a way for it to happen like in the real books.

Last thing, from the next chapter I will be changing POV's. I was writing in different styles to see what works best for me and think it's better than what I'm currently doing.

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