Chapter 17: Kitchen makout sessions

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A/N this is going to be the last chapter! BUT THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL! You'll get a hint at the end of this chapter on what the Sequel will be about. I just wanna say thank you to anyone reading my trash of a story😂 and I hope you enjoy this last chapter. Also, the first chapter for the sequel should be up in less then 4 days. I'm going to try to have a schedule for when I update so people know when. Enjoy the story💗

Clary pov

Jace and I were walking in the park, hand in hand. It turns out all of this hard work wasn't for nothing. Even though I wasn't there to finish, we won the war!

And it turns out that Jonathan did die. The person who killed him was a teenage girl, emma cairstairs, she was the girl who stood up for me at the meeting. Who would have thought?

I've actually taken her and her siblings kind of under my wing. They have become part of my family. But of course I'll never forget Jonathan. In the end, he is and always will be my big brother. And I hope he finds peace, even after all he did.

Jace and I decided to move to an institute and run it together after we graduate. We'll marry and start a family of our own. And of course I'll bring the Carstairs kids with me. As well as Simon, Izzy, Magnus, and Alec. If they want to come live with us, that is.

Jace and I sat down on the bench and we looked into the big lake. It was truly beautiful. I would love to come drawing here someday. I turn to him to only see that he is already looking at me.

"What?" I say laughing.

"Nothing. It's nothing. I just- don't understand how I got so lucky. I have everything I've ever wanted with you. I have a beautiful, loving, strong, fiancé. Who I am going to spend the rest of my life with. And one day we are going to have a family together and I know you will be the best mom ever. And we'll tell our kids all of your crazy stories about how you helped win the biggest war. And how brave she is." He says and I don't know what to say. Jace isn't exactly the lovey-dovey type.

I put my head on his shoulder and look back into the lake. And I say, "And we'll tell them how they are so lucky to have a strong, handsome, brave, cocky, ass of a Dad." I say laughing and he pretends to act offended.

"Clarissa" he says putting a hand on his heart. "I am no such thing." He defends himself. I laugh at his fake expression. "But you did get the strong, handsome, brave, part right." He says and I don't Have to be looking at him to know that he has a big cocky grin on his face.

We walk back to the dorm and see Simon and Izzy making out intensely on the kitchen counter. Jace whistles and they jump apart. "Get a room, I have to eat on the counter." I say jokingly. Izzy puts her hands on her hips and says "OHHH, as if I haven't caught you two in the training room multiple times! I've been scared for life. I can never unsee such horrible things." She says sassily and I just giggle at all the memories Jace and I have in that room.
"She's got a point." Jaces says winking at me and I nudge him in the arm.

"Okay well you two" I say pointing at Simon and Izzy "get out because I'm making dinner for all of us. Magnus and Alec should also be here any minute now. So scoot, or I'll throw you out." I say pushing them out of the kitchen.

I throw on a bodycon dress before I start cooking. It's a two piece that's black and hugs all the right places. I walk back into the kitchen and throw on a small apron as I get out my ingredients. I'm making steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn. It's a good thing I know how to cook because if I didn't all of us would be living off of fast food.

Jace pov

I peek in the kitchen to see Clary in a tight black dress and a cute little apron. God damn aren't I lucky to have her. I see her reading through the cook book and sipping a glass of wine.

She is walks over to the sink to wash the green beans with her back towards me. This is the best time to get her. I slowly walk over to her and I slide my hands up her waist and around to her stomach. She stiffens up for a second but once she notices it's me she sinks into my touch.

"Have I ever told you how talented you are? Cooking while looking so god damn sexy? Now that's something no one could pull off but you." I say leaving a trail of bite marks down her neck while I grab her waist but she is still turned away from me.

She stop washing them and turns around and pulls my shirt and starts kissing me. I laugh softly at how eager she is. "Someone's a little bit impatient." I say between kisses and she giggle. "Oh you have no idea." She says and starts unbuttoning my shirt as I slide my hand up her dress.

I pick her up and push her against the wall as she tears off my shirt. But we both stop when we hear someone clear their throat behind us. She jumps down from me holding her up against the wall.

I turn around to see Magnus and Alec standing there trying to contain their laughter. I turn to see Clarys face as red as a tomato. Clary pulls down her dress because it was all the way up to her upper thigh.

Then Simon (yes, I finally tried to remember simons name because clary threatened not to marry me if I didn't) and Izzy walk into the kitchen. Great, this is just great.

"What's all the laughing about?" Izzy says and then she turns her attention to me and clary. Clary is red and is obviously embarrassed and I don't have a shirt on because she ripped it off so she put two and two together.

Her and Simon burst out laughing. "And you gave me this whole speech about how we eat on that counter and we shouldn't be making out in the kitchen." Izzy says still laughing and shaking her head.

A/N AND THAT MY FRIENDS, CONCLUDES THIS BOOK! I hope you all liked it and want to read the sequel! Like i said, the first chapter should be up in less then four days. And I will notify you when it is up! Thank you so so sooooo much for reading and I love you all so very much! 💗💗💗

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