Volume 3 Chapter 3

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Volume 3 Chapter 3

The next day.

I woke up in the morning, did my preparations, and then gathered the slimes. But then I noticed something amiss. What is this slime?

What lay before my eyes was a slime I’d never seen before. However, I knew for sure that I was contracted with it, so I quickly used ‘Monster Identify’.

Medicine Slime

Generate Liquid Medicine Lv3
Poison Resistance Lv3
Disease Resistance Lv5
Physical Attack Resistance Lv1
Jump Lv3
Digestion Lv3
Absorption Lv3
Split Lv3
Spear Arts Lv1

Medicine slime? I don’t remember taming a slime like this. In that case, did it evolve!?

“But I shouldn’t have any more normal slimes left. Moreover, it has the ‘Spear Arts’ skill… I know!” [Ryouma]

When you think about it, medicine can become poison depending on how you use it. The reverse is also true. Then in that case, it must’ve evolved from the poison slime!

“No slimes have evolved a second time after evolving until now, so I thought they could only evolve once. But to think that they would actually have a second evolution. But why all of the sudden? Did I fulfill the evolution conditions somewhere?” [Ryouma]

The evolution of a slime is decided by the food they eat. So the medicine slime’s evolution condition must be medicine? Something like that, when did I? …Now that I think about it, last night, the spilled medicine was cleaned up by someone right? I thought the cleaner slimes were the ones who cleaned it up, but was it this slime?

In order to confirm my suspicions, I gathered the poison slimes, and poured out a bottle of antidote into a vessel of stone I made before. Right then and there five poison slimes gathered and began to drink.

“Ahh, they’re drinking. So it really was the poison slime…” [Ryouma]

The poison slime from before evolved after drinking a bottle. In that case, a simple calculation should mean that five slimes would need five bottles. Having thought that, I gave the poison slimes 4 more bottles.

And while they were drinking, I made several vessels, and then I gave an order to the medicine slime.

“Show me what kind of medicine you can make.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, I presented to it the vessels. The medicine slime then proceeded to spit out liquid one after another into the vessels. From silky smooth to sticky, there were all sorts.

I confirmed those one after another and…

Poison (Immediate Effect)
Poison (Slow Effect)
Paralysis Poison (Immediate Effect)
Paralysis Poison (Slow Effect)
Antibacterial Medicine

“Oh… it’s quite varied. And as expected it can release both medicine and poison. But what’s up with this antibacterial medicine?” [Ryouma]

When I used ‘Identify’ on it, this came out:

Antibacterial Medicine

A liquid generated by the medicine slime that possesses powerful antibacterial properties. When applied, the viruses and bacteria in the area will be sterilized. Unless applied in an airtight container, the water content will immediately evaporate. This liquid is harmless to humans.

Isn’t this an antiseptic?! This is perfect! Especially since I was quite worried about going to other regions aside from the Jamil Region hygiene wise.

… I feel like quite a bit of time had passed while I was doing this. I better go to the store now.

I headed towards the town after I gathered the slime in a panic. However, the store was already open by the time I got there. I entered the store through the employee’s door, and met up with Carm-san.

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