Chapter 5

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Demyan Point of View

Damn this girl! I am not going to do this.

This girl is a pure threat to any sensible or senseless sense.

"Uh, Miss White, what are-" Egor tried to complete his sentence but Miss No-Ears cut it off again.

Why is this girl like this? I'm seriously considering putting a bullet into her head but I am just trying to control myself with the reason that the poor guy who collects dead souls would go deranged then what happens to the souls.

That's the only reason I'm not putting a bullet through her head.

"Oh I know we are here for a purpose. Since the respected Monk is a server of mankind and savior of humanity, we are here to do something for these orphan kids." She said leading us inside an old building of orphanage.

"My aunt, my cousin's Albina's mom, was an orphan before she fell in love with my uncle and made a family of her own. So from the moment I and Albina were born, she started taking us to the orphanage and made us donate all our perfectly fine used material to them in the name of charity. She use to say that this will teach us the art of giving and happiness you acquire through such satisfaction." She explained with a small smile maybe reminiscing about her family.

Through the background check I did, I know that she lost her parents and Albina's parents in a plane crash.

She must've gone through so much. I feel sorry for her.

"So, we are here to donate something?" I asked ready to take out my cheque book and sign off few thousand dollars.

"No. We are not donating anything in material." In material? As in we are donating something. Not in material then how?

I and Egor raised an eyebrow towards her in question and she grinned like a sly cat who got its mice in trap.

Damn I'm a mafia then why am I suddenly feeling creepy? I am supposed to be dangerous and scare the shit out of people then why is she not getting scared of my brooding looks and dark emotionless eyes. She should be shivering in terror but this petite girl in front of me is grinning at me as if I am as harmless as a fly can be.

This is completely a different impression I was expecting to give.

"Then what are we doing here?" Egor narrowed his eyes at her and I can a little... just a little uneasiness in his eyes.

The great assassin and the torturer, Egor Smirnov is feeling uncomfortable to tag a harmless innocent girl.

But then again, she is physically harmless but her mental status is totally a different matter. In this one hour of meeting her I did come to know her brain can destroy the whole mankind without even lifting her pinky finger. Unintentionally of course!

"Come you will know." She led us into a large room where the children are running around and a couple ladies are holding few sheets of papers trying to tell them something. There was a stage arranged at one side of the room and few properties like wigs, clothes and other props are placed on it.

I and Egor looked at each other at the same time and gulped inaudibly at the creepy feeling running down our spine.

I am an effing Mafia King for goodness sake, why the hell am I afraid of?

"Hello, my little Dinos." Mental girl yelled and the kids ran towards her and hugged her legs. She patted their head and moved towards the ladies, "I've got the main lead" She said and turned towards us smiling.

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