Chapter 8

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Tara's POV

So Chris' party is over it's 12:36am, Pariss, Indie, Aria, Beth and I decided to go over to Beth's and have a sleepover. Pariss, Indie, Aria and Beth are my best friends they're just like sisters to me and I love them to bits.

Pariss is quite short the shortest out of all of us, she's got straight blonde hair, bright blue eyes and wears glasses she makes me jealous because if I had glasses I'd look ugly as but she looks perfect with and without them! Pariss is also such a talented artist she draws the most amazing things.

Indie is like exactly my height which is quite tall, she's got deep blue eyes and wavy long brown hair. Indie is an amazing dancer she's so flexible.

Aria is just like 10cm taller than Pariss she has dark brown hair it's medium height, hazel eyes and she is just a freak at sport she's so good!!

Beth is average height she's got every single boy liking her but she doesn't really go out with any, she has green eyes, dirty blonde hair, tan beautiful skin and I think she's most girly out of all of us.

I've know Indie and Pariss since Kindergarten, we three then met Aria and Beth in High school.

Beth has an amazing house, it's like a mansion. Her room is probably ten times the size of mine and I thought my room was big! Us girls decided that we will have an all nighter.

We started talking about boys because what kind of girl doesn't talk about boys!

"So who do you like Indie?" I asked wanting all the gossip.

"Well I'm starting to like... Luke, his so cute we've been getting along so good these last few days," Indie daydreamed about him.

Luke is a popular guy at our school but he doesn't go out with many girls but apparently he does like someone but no one knows who, I think he is Indies height, he has light brown hair, brown eyes and he has dimples when he smiles and I know Indie thinks they're cute.

"Aria! what about you?!" I went around the circle.

"Uhh no one really," Aria replied.


"I don't know what his name is but he was at Chris' party, he wore a blue beanie, jeans and just a t-shirt," Beth described exactly what Ethan was wearing.

Pariss looked at her like no your my best friend you can't like the dude I like you will get him easily!

"What?!" Beth was confused she didn't know Pariss likes Ethan because simply Pariss only wants me to know so she kept it a secret from the others.

"Nothing, his names Ethan by the way," Pariss sounded very overwhelmed that Beth liked him.

"Ooooh thanks!!"

It was kind of awkward between them from when Beth said she liked Ethan.

It was 6:50am we were all exhausted and fell asleep instantly, well I guess we did our goal!


We all woke up pretty late since we had a late night last night.

Pariss still seemed pretty pissed about Beth liking Ethan.

Beth was talking non stop about Ethan.

"Does he go to our school?!" she was eager for an answer.

"No," Pariss replied.

"Tell me more about him!!"

"How about... no?" Pariss said back.

Beth didn't reply she could tell Pariss was pissed she just didn't know why.

Pariss' POV

I can't believe it, I just can't Beth likes Ethan!! No this is bad if he finds out they most likely will go out! But but we were like kissing the whole night at Chris' party he must like me?

Hmmm I don't know anymore...

Tara's POV

Us girls all left Beth's and decided to go to the park and hang out with all the boys.

We saw Chris, Ethan, Jacob and Luke all waiting for us, I ran up to Chris and gave him a tight hug I felt safe in his arms.

I gave Jacob a friendly hug.

Jacobs my best friend he has been since like forever. His got dark brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, a lot of girls think his good looking but he doesn't take interest in them really.

We all sat in a circle together, we all pretty much get along but Pariss is not feeling her best today so she's been quite sad and antisocial.

Ethan's POV

I think Ive hurt Pariss' feelings because I'm talking to Beth. Why is she so sad though? Because we kissed? that didn't really mean anything we were at a party plus we aren't going out.

Indie's POV

I feel like me and Luke are really getting along well omgg his so cute his dimples omgg!! I really wonder who this girl is he likes apparently his liked her since year 5 like wow.

Luke's POV

It was about 8:15pm now and my parents wanted me home but 8:30pm I said goodbye to everyone and left something for Indie it was a letter.

"Bye Indie, when you get home read this," I handed her the letter and left quickly so I wasn't late getting home.

"Bye," she said.

Indie's POV

It was around 9:00pm and everyone decided to head off home.

I reached home headed straight to my room to read the letter Luke gave me, the letter had been glued to my hands since Luke gave it to me I was so eager to read it!

I opened it up and it said...

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