Chapter 61: Riza's Decision

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In the Order, everyone had been watching TV and when they heard their member Danielle had earned the Taurus Celestial Lady title and the Golden Venus necklace, they all roared with joy:

"Hurrah! That's our Danielle!"

"Rose Cruce Order rocks!"


Of course, Goatee immediately guessed they should throw a party and the preparations began even before Danielle and her companions would return, so when they came back, everything was already set, and once they stepped in, the crowd roared with happiness and congratulated Danielle. Goatee and his son, Goldmund (who had just returned from his yet another successful mission a day ago), took the stage and sang awesome songs. Then Edmund joined them, and afterwards, Riza's solo time came too. Erisa and some other members began pouring drinks and bringing food to the tables. The people indeed threw a huge party.

"Congratulations, Danielle!"

"That's our lady!"

"Taurus people rock!"

"Rose Cruce Order rules!"

The people were overjoyed. Tamie reunited with her brother and hugged him tightly.

"We watched the Tournament through the TV. It was awesome, huh?" Nick beamed at her.

"Oh, goodness, it was the best thing I've ever seen!" she jumped with excitement, still under the impressions of the Tournament, "It was amazing!"

Nick just chuckled and listened to her elated descriptions of the coolest battles. Then the 'sisters' sat together at a joint table and began discussing their matters:

"Well, how was your mission?" Tamie asked Rianna and Olivia as they had just returned from their latest mission together.

"Eh, was fine..." Olivia shrugged, "We defeated those bandits".

"Yeah. There was some random guy that helped us, though," Rianna noted, "It was too difficult for us as the bandits were Air signs, and the Air works the best against the Water like us. Plus, some of them were of higher rank than us. That guy was really strong - he was a Fire sign, and he had a dragon!"

"Huh, a dragon?!" the girls widened eyes, "But dragons are extremely rare, and untamable!"

"I don't know... This red one perfectly listened to that man..." Olivia shrugged again, drawing something.

"Hmm, I have actually heard of Dragon Tamers, but that was more like a legend - awesome people of the Tamer Class who were able to tame dragons..." Tiger fell into her thoughts, "I have never seen a Tamer like that with my eyes, though..."

"As you said, it is more of a legend," Cherrie shrugged too, "I mean - who can be so insane as to fight with a dragon?! Because dragons will not yield to humans if they are not fought with and defeated first".

"Ugh, I don't know, Marvin Wagner used to kill a lot of dragons back in his years," Riza muttered.

"Really? He did?!" Tamie got astonished - so Riza's father actually not only fought dragons but killed them?! "Wasn't he a Dragon spirit himself while he still had powers?"

"Yeah... but he killed his spirit kin as if nothing".

The girls blinked - now that was truly scary...

"Anyway, this is how the guy looked like," Olivia showed her scroll to them, where there was drawn a middle-aged, fifty-year-old man with a beard and short hair. He had quite a wise and determined expression, and he looked like he had experienced a lot in his life.

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