Chapter 13: The Man in Black

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John was quick to attain on Sherlock's demand as he went running towards Claire's flat, but before John could even reach the door, Claire was already running out to the stairs wearing only a pair of trousers, a tank top, and a pair of trainers. 'You heard that right?' John asks still dazed by the scream. 'Yes, yes John I heard it, where's Sherlock?' She asked as she took a peek inside their flat with Sherlock gone. 'He's probably there now.' John explains looking through the window to the source of the scream.
'Right, call Lestrade and I need to go there now.' Claire demands forgetting whatever has happened to them just moments ago.

She then ran out of the building into the open street only to find that a crowd has been building up on the end of the street, she then ran up to the crowd looking for Sherlock. She finally spots him standing in the middle of the crowd crouching down. As she came closer to him, she found some gruesome sight. A woman was standing beside Sherlock with her hands over her mouth and eyes spilling out tears, she wasn't sobbing but tears slid down her face as she gazed down below to a dead woman, the woman was laying in a pool if blood with several knife cuts in her arms, legs, and neck. Claire crouched down beside Sherlock, the smell of fresh blood evident. 'So?' Claire asks as she navigates the body. 'Murder, like the one you found this morning, no merger weapon or a sign of a killer.' Sherlock explains as he pulled out a retractable magnifying glass from his coat, beginning to scan the body slowly.

Claire stood up from her position with a breath as she scanned the crowd finding any suspicious movements but there was none. She then began to wander around the crime scene as sounds sirens became louder as they got closer. On her scanning, Claire found nothing but a piece of paper in the sidewalk just a few steps beside the body, unlike the one, she found this morning, this note was as if it just flew right out of someone's car, but something about it seemed off for the curious Claire. She picks it up only to find a note that left her horrified.

Closer my queen.

She closed her eyes and gave a sigh of fear, she opened her eyes trying hard not to freak out by any means as sirens stop by on the scene. She quickly turned back around only to find Sherlock taking his coat off as he stood beside the dead body while Lestrade and other personnel came to secure the scene moving the crowd sway and surrounding it with yellow tape. She then walked towards Sherlock and Lestrade but before making another step, she was met by the strong hands of Sherlock as he holds out his coat to her.
'Excuse me?' Claire asks rather bratty than she intended. 'Wear it.' He whispers that only Claire could hear. 'Why?' Claire asks, calmly this time. 'You have a detective badge with you with a forensics, police officers, and another Detective Inspector, I suggest that for you to look more credible than you are now, where the coat.' Sherlock says as he narrowed his eyes at her.

Due to the intimidating stare that Sherlock was giving, she decided to just give in and grab the coat to put it on. As soon as she wore it, she was surprised at how comfortable and warm it is. It hugged her petite body loosely with her hands barely visible due to the long sleeve. Sherlock looked at her approvingly placing his hands together behind him. John then suddenly appeared beside Lestrade as Sherlock noticed. 'Ah John, finally.' He said smiling at John who looked between Claire and Sherlock appalled by Claire's outfit but smiled otherwise.

'Mind telling us anything?' Lestrade says hands on his coat pockets. 'Dead woman about on her 30's works in the bank judging by her skirt rehemmed 3 times. Unmarried, but is a mother by the necklace with two initials in them possibly of children because by the name pin her name is Janessa Hariot, none of which is starting with a K or V. No weapon but visible defence, she wasn't murdered here though, oh no, she was thrown here for attention. The phone is nowhere to be found, and neither does her bag. Now, how did I know that she had a bag? Simple, marks on her arms, fresh as well. Whoever killed her has no intention to let anyone know who she really is, he is smart. He loves it, but he had made a mistake. And I'd say rather purposely.' Sherlock says as he pointed out every evidence he was talking about leaving almost everyone watching distraught and mouths agape.

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