~Welcome to Woodprep~

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               Welcome to the Woodprep Academy. It is one of the most prestigious schools in the world. To be here, you need not only  money but also some kind of talent. It's the only school; I think that interviews all students personally before giving them admission. No amount of money can buy you a place here. If you don't have something special, then there is no chance in the world for you to get in here. Many students dream to study here but only few can actually achieve it. It was once my dream too but now it has no importance to me. Today, I am only in this hellhole to get my revenge and of course, to completely enjoy my senior year.

         Now, as I am standing before two giant gates leading towards our home for next whole year, I can't help but feel excited. This is exactly where my siblings had so much fun. This is going to be, with no doubt, MY year. You see, I spent last two years studying at boarding school. Though I had such lovely friends and all there, it was very strict. It was completely my choice but here, it is going to be whole lot more fun. After studying for two years, I want to let myself loose and do what I do best-play pranks. And this, my friend, was perfect place to do it.

              First things first- find administration office and get keys to your room. It is kind of like boarding school but definitely different than normal boarding school. It is basically talent school. It offers best guidance for all sorts of talents, sports and what not. It offers you more liberty than any other school. Many students here are filthy rich, me being one of them. You can say that my late admission here (I got their admission letter two years ago, I rejected it) has caused an uproar. Mostly, because nobody, I mean nobody has ever rejected this school. This school rejects students, not the other way around. If I was any other student, they probably would have never accepted me again but my dad is on school committee and we donate large amount of money every year. Plus, I am talented. I don't want to brag or something but if they would have rejected me, then it would have been totally their loss.

             Even though I am one of the richest people in world, I am not much famous. I like normal life and I was living normal life until last year. Not many people knew that I was freaking billionaire so my life was peaceful. Now, I am the new mystery girl. Everyone wants to know who the new girl is. They will soon know but before that I really need to find my room. 

       "Excuse me", I said. 


       "I am the new senior. " 

       "Oh, wait a second. Here's your schedule, key and everything." 


       Now only thing remaining was to find my room and dump all these bags there. I can always unpack later. Today wasn't officially first day. Classes will start tomorrow. Today was mostly free of any activities so you can mingle around, make new friends; get to know the campus etc. I have to start step one of my awesome revenge plan today. Also making new friends won't hurt, right? I started walking towards living quarters. They were two huge buildings with many floors (I didn't count, I am too lazy for it) - building 1 and building 2. 1 was boys' dorm and 2 was girls'. I checked my file for room number. What the hell! Why there is written 1-205? Calm down, must be printing mistake. I tried to calm myself down. I went to reception at girls' building.

       "Excuse me." 

       "What do you want?" receptionist snapped. Wow, rude much? 

        "Actually my room number is 1-205" ,I spoke in the best polite voice. 


          "Well, my room number is 1-205.", I repeated in deathliest voice I had with emphasis on 1. 

        She must have understood the underlying threat because she looked really scared and typed something on computer. Then she turned towards me with an apologetic expression, oh no, this can't be good. She said, "Your room number is 1-205. We don't have any vacant room in this building. You were admitted late so they gave you room in second building." 

             Well, there goes my hope. Receptionist was looking at me as if she was waiting for me to explode and start yelling at her. I just simply smiled and thanked her. I started walking towards building 2. I was angry but partially it was my fault. Yelling at her wouldn't have solved my problem. Instead, I decided to call my dear father. 

         "Hey dad, can you please tell me why your teenage daughter is living in boys' building?" 

        "Hey honey, well, about your room, um....." 

        I sighed. It seems that there is no other choice. I hung up on dad. Well, maybe it wasn't his fault but I was in bad mood. I opened door leading me towards my new home a.k.a hellhole. It was like time stopped. Everyone, I mean literally everyone, stopped whatever they were doing and stared at me. After what seemed like an eternity, someone said, "You are in wrong building. This is BOYS' building- building ONE."Few snickered. I threw my meanest glare at them and turned towards receptionist, "Hi, um, my room number is 1-205.Can you please tell me where it is?"

               It was funniest expression had ever seen on anyone's face and let me tell you, I have seen many. I was sure boys' expression exactly mirrored him. Firstly he opened his mouth, then again closed it. He was looking so much like fish. I would have laughed if not for my bad mood. Finally he overcame the shock and asked, "Are you sure?" That did it. I mean come on, do I look so stupid. I slammed my fist on desk. Unfortunately, it seems that I applied too much force. Let me correct, my fist went right through table. When I was small, my dad made me attend special summer camp for all types of sports and defense techniques. Needless to say, I can do lots of damage if I get too angry. The receptionist looked like he wanted to run, in opposite direction and just stay the hell away from me. I wouldn't blame him. If I was him, then I would have done the same. I must be looking really great. Note the sarcasm. Finally one boy said, "Um, hi, I will lead you towards your room. "

I nodded and started following him. We entered lift and he pressed button for floor six. He looked as if he really wanted to say something; but couldn't decide. I smiled at him and asked him, "Hi, I am Samayra and you?" He relaxed and said, "Andrew. Welcome to Woodprep Samayra." "Please call me Sam." He smiled and door opened. He showed me to my room and said, "See you at camp fire tonight."I nodded and entered the room.

          It was really great room. I could see two doors, one leading to bedroom and another one to balcony. It was really huge. I was tempted to check out the balcony and all but I decided to save it for later. Right now, I really needed to get ready for Bonfire. It was tradition of this school. There I would be introduced and hopefully, will make new friends. It was hard considering my case but still, a girl can dream. I was also eager to put my revenge plan in action. I had waited too long. Now, it's showtime.

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