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You woke up, after dreaming about him

You get ready for another day of school, you eat your food, take a shower, wore your clothes and left.

Waiting for your service, you always think of what will happen today, its like you're predicting.
After 10 minutes, you arrived. First in class, lonely, as always. "Lets sleep a bit" you said as you plug your earphones and laid your head on your arm chair. While thinking, he came up in your mind. You always think if will he ever come back

"Y/N!! Y/N!!" ?? Shouted to wake you up
"I'm awake now!!!" You got startled
"Yah park jimin! Next time wake me up gently, don't wake me up like its the end of the world!" You said to jimin
"Hehe^~^" he responds
1 day later
"Y/N, lets meet up tomorrow at the park near your house after lunch" jimin texted you
"Ok" you replied.
Its after lunch now, you are waiting for him in the place he told you to be. A few minutes later he arrived.
"Y/N!!!" Jimin shouted while waiving at you
You waived back
"Y/N i have to tell you something. I-I am leaving. I'm really s-sorry please u-understand." He said stuttering
"Oh" you said
"When?" You asked curiously
"In an hour" jimin said
Both of you became silent
"I'M GONNA MISS MY BEST FRIEND!" Jimin shouted while pulling you to a very tight hug
"Aww i am gonna miss you too:')" you said while tearing up
"Don't worry i'll come back as soon as possible" jimin said
"Promise?" You asked
"I promise" jimin said
You guys did your last hug, a very tight hug, both of you are bugging like there is no tomorrow.
;End of flashback

"He promised me" you said in your mind
"Its been years now, when will he comeback" you asked to yourself.
You miss him, you really really really miss him so much
The reason is
You love him.
You love him a lot

To be continued

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