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Reese’s POV

“This district’s first ever tribute for the first Hunger…….”, Spoke the clown looking lady as I zoned out.

Bringing my eyes back into focus after being jumped on by Ivanna, I noticed everyone and I mean everyone looking at me. It was freaky.

‘Wow’, I thought to myself.

“Ivy, what is going on? Everyone has become freaking zombies!”, I whispered to my little sis.

“No, you have been chosen as the first tribute”, she cried.

“I seriously have got to start paying more attention to these things”, I mumbled

Placing Ivanna gently down next to me, I then uncrossed my legs to form a crouching position before jumping to my feet.

Walking up to the stage I still felt all eyes on me. Stopping at the bottom of the small set of steps Effie stretches her hand out to grab mine. I shove her away and push off of my right foot making a stretch for the edge of the fourth step.

Gaining my balance I wander over to the small ‘X’ marked on the wooden flooring with what seemed to be tape on the left side of the barrel.

Lifting my head up to the crowd of students my eyes instantly found Ivanna who was looking me straight in the eyes with a hardened expression planted on her face. No expression what so ever.

‘Must be thinking pretty hard’, I wondered.

Using my peripheral vision I looked to my left to see what looked like small markings engraved into the box. Looking to my right, still using my peripheral vision I spot a man dressed black with a blue earpiece making his way towards me. He kept on walking until he was only a hand’s distance away from me.

“The second and final tribute is Courtney Loom”, the clown lady stated.

Once again everyone became zombies.

Watching Courtney stand up above all of the other students, she began to make her way up the front only to stop right in her tracks.

“I Ivanna Talor will take Courtney Loom’s Place as second tribute”, Ivanna shouted while fighting her way through the guards.

‘No!’, I yelled.

“Ivanna Talor is the second and final tribute”, Effie stated as she looked into my eyes with a smug look planted on her face.

With Ivy standing on the other side of the freaky dude we shared a look, a look of….

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