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Ivanna's POV


Courtney, Reese and I, after home group, walk up with the rest of the class and school to the gym where we sit on cold hard concrete, as usual. We chatter amongst each other for a few minutes before the principal, Mr Vold Emort came up on stage. Obviously he still hasn't seen daylight yet, as he's as pale as a ghost, and he's bald! It also looks like his nose got squashed by a whale, and for some reason he likes dark robes and talks in a stupid voice. “Hello all! Welcome back! This year we're doing things a little differently. I am glad, and sad, to announce that two of our lovely students are to be tributes for Australia's new reality TV show.”

Everyone mutters in excitement at the mention of this, until Emort continues. “... and some of you may be utterly dismayed by the agenda of the TV show. You may have heard the Hunger Games, yes.... and that's what the TV show is about.”

The crowd bursts into yells outrage and distraught. The teacher's try to settle everyone down until a familiar figure barges through the door. She has a bright pink wig with fancy bright clothes, holding a clipboard in her hands.

It's Effie Trinket. “Hello my fellow reapers! I am going to withdraw two names from this barrel.” He pats a large round barrel. “And reveal your tributes for this district. Unfortunately for you, the Riverland region was elected out of all the regions in eastern SA, and out of this region your school has been elected. Now, that means two of you are to be tributes for Australia's first ever hunger games.” She smiles broadly. “May the odds be ever in your favour!”

No body cheers, no body moves, nobody dares breathe. Just like the people of District 12 did in the movie and book. Effie drops her smile and blows a raspberry. “Fine! Be that way.” She rolls the barrel around and opens the hatch.

“This district's first ever tribute for the first Hunger Games is...”

Oh, please god, don't be me or my friends. Please god!

Effie pauses for a moment, letting the tension build before saying the name loudly.

“Congratulations, on my behalf and not yours, to.....”




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