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Reese's POV

'I'm radioactive, radioactive...'

Using my left hand I smashed it towards the horrid sound blasting through my alarm and instead of it turning off like a normal alarm, it decided to become an airborne alarm straight into the wall.

‘Bugger, I will need another one……eventually’, I thought to myself.

Walking down the hallway to the kitchen my stomach rumbled letting me know it was awaiting new ingredients to digest, like I love that stuff. Looking down at my stomach I say

“It will be okay Panda”, I said as I looked down as I rubbed my stomach with the palm of my hand.

Walking around the door frame of the kitchen I collided with right into a hard structure.

“Hey Daddy”, I stated while lifting me head with a big smile on my face.

Yes I am a 17 year old that still calls her dad 'Daddy'. Some things never change.

“Hey Reese-Bear” replied Daddy while pulling me into a hug.

My stomach decided that it was now a great time to remind me that it needed food.

Daddy laughed while saying, “Go get some food and feed Tobias. He has been complaining for a while now.”

Walking into the kitchen I grabbed a muesli bar and a Nutella snack before continuing the hallway to the laundry. Opening the laundry door I was attacked by Tobias.

Refilling Tobias' food and water bowl I walked back to the kitchen but not after giving Tobias a pat on the head.

Walking back through the kitchen to my room, I grabbed my backpack, slinging it over my left shoulder.

Looking at my phone it was 8.30.

‘Time to go’, I thought to myself.

“Bye Daddy”, I yell as I walk out the door, starting my small journey to school aka ‘hell’.

 “Ivanna”, I shouted as my eyes landed on a certain red-head.

After giving Ivanna a hug she stared to tell me about her trip to Hawaii. As I was about to answer her question none other than Courtney came bursting into the conversation like a retarded animal. I think she is bad influence to my sister, Yes my sister. We keep it on the low and all because she is the goody goody and I am the badass.




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