Calm The Fire: 108

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A day had simply dragged slowly by, food was running ever lower and the only thing which was seemingly classed as a past time was piling and ordering the gold. Small little piles of it now sat dotted around the Mountain in the most random of places. Along one corridor it was like a gold pile trail which led to another large hall like room.

It was also in this time which Thorin seemed to reach a new low in his search for the Arkenstone. He may have reached a new low, but with that came desperation, and he desperately asked his friends to look for it.

"The Arkenstone of my father," Thorin said while idly looking to a gold pile at his feet. He crossed his arms and side stepped it and continued onwards. "Is worth more than a river of gold. To me it is priceless. The Arkenstone, above all the treasure that is before me..." Thorin trailed off and turned to look at his friends who were either sitting around, or like other times ordering gold into manageable piles. "I will take action if I find if someone has found it and is withholding it." He turned and missed the wide eyed expression which suddenly appeared on Bilbo's face. In his slight shock he did also drop something which clattered to the ground. "I may have one jewel ranked higher than others, but that does not mean you can batter other items of treasure present, Master Baggins." Thorin sighed and looked over his shoulder as Bilbo quickly recovered himself and gave a nervous smile.

Patting his sides he pointed to the door, "Perhaps I shall give this ordering business a quick break." Before anyone could say otherwise he was out the door and rushing along the corridor. He let out a startled noise when he was suddenly clutched onto and pulled to a stop.

Náriel had reached out and simply gripped onto his shoulder as he rushed past her. She looked up from the book in her hand and looked to him. Snapping it shut, she turned and stood by his side. "You seem in a hurry, Bilbo, whatever is the matter?" She smiled politely.

Putting a hand on her arm he pulled her more along the corridor and away from the room where the sorting was happening. "He seems to have reached a whole new level."

"That bad, hm?" Náriel raised an eyebrow. She didn't need to be told. She had woke a few times to notice that the makeshift bed which Thorin used was often unslept in. He wasn't sleepring, he wasn't eating either because there was hardly any food. He was pretty much running on nothing but pure stubborn determination.

Bilbo just gave her a blank look. "Continue, please." Náriel inclined her head to him.

"He was speaking know...?"

"You can say name it," Náriel rolled her eyes. "He's speaking of the Arkenstone more, right? So?"

"I just got...concerned."

"Concerned?" Náriel asked confused, she wasn't following.

Bilbo sighed and hung his head. "If he discovers someone has been hiding it from him, he will seek revenge. In not so many words, he said this. And I grew concerned," here his voice dipped to a whisper in case anyone else was present. "I mean, I've been using it as a pillow! Yes, granted it is a most uncomfortable one, but it's been one nonetheless! What if he ever found out?" Bilbo asked looking up at her with wide eyes. Between them both they had managed to find rags and odd pieces of material to wrap the Arkenstone up. It wasn't wise Bilbo running around with it in his pocket all the time. What if someone bumped into him and it tumbled out? Or they came into contact with him and felt it like Náriel did?

Náriel nodded slowly. "You weren't concerned." She said lowly, Bilbo tilted his head to the side and looked at her confused. Her expression softened. "You were scared."

"Now see here-"

"It's shared fear. I'm an accomplice after all." Náriel cut him off and gave a nod. Bilbo let out a breath and hung his head. "You need to go." She said plainly, Bilbo's head shot up to look at her. Her eyes saddened. "I am sorry that it has to be you to this...but you have the means," she said while quickly looking to his pocket where his ring sat hidden away.

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