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Shoved. Upon contact with the ground the air vacated from my lungs. My ears rang harshly as my vision slowly blurred. I felt the sticky sensation of blood slowly making its way down my face. The smell of the moist soil beneath me entered my lungs as my clothes began to absorb it. A rough hand grabbed my left foot tightly attempting to pull me away. My arms had a mind of their own trying to scramble helplessly to stop my attacker.
Chaos frenzied around me. Many fires danced on homes to the bittersweet song of peoples' cries. Dark crimson red stained walls carelessly as the sheer screams of blades echoed in the distance.
The hot tears burnt my newly bloodied face bringing me back to what I was enduring. I looked directly into the face of the beast. I wasn't able to see what he looked like which angered me. He strengthened his grasp on my ankle pushing down on the tendons which caused me to aggressively kick my way free. The man abruptly dropped my leg and before I could crawl away he then picked me up and hoisted me on his shoulder.
"Feisty girl aren't you?" He hissed at me causing me to grunt in frustration. I wasn't too afraid but given my circumstances, I was scared of dying; dying in the hands of a raider.
"Then again the little ones are the most frightened ones."
My brows furrowed as the word little was used sending my mind into havoc. My thoughts swirled around my head of all the kids picked on me for being smaller than them. I was always jabbed at for it.

"Do not let them think you are weak because you are not my dearest. You know better than them."

The words of my father cleared my mind and relaxed my body. I could not give into the anger or it would end quite badly for me. I have to think quickly but thoughtfully if I wanted to survive this.
No one would suspect that a small girl like myself would be capable of anything. So when he takes me to wherever it is he is taking me, I will kill anyone else that's there. Just to prove myself.
"Gave up too soon, shame." He spat as he continued carrying me through the forest.
He couldn't see it, but the biggest smirk crept up my face as time passed on. This man doesn't know what's coming.

So this is the prologue... I'm not sure if this will do well because I rarely see anyone read about Vikings  but yea hope you enjoy. This prologue is quite short but it should give a little insight on Astrid.
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