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Hi readers! This is my first story. And, just gonna remind that I set aside Perrie for a while in this story. It's a fan-fiction, remember? haha. Thanks and hope you'll like it! :) x

Chapter 1

Brit, a rich, free, teen girl whose parents live abroad and she is the only child. She doesn't go to school, she's home school.  But all she does is fangirl One Direction. She's too smart to study more.

On July 23, Brit went to One Direction's concert in Manila. She got VIP tickets and backstage pass for the concert. She enjoyed much in seeing the boys. 

After the concert, she entered the backstage. There, she met the boys, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis. She let her body guard take pictures of her and the boys. While they were chatting together, she didn't knew, Zayn fell in love with her in his first sight. So Zayn approached Brit when she is about to leave. He asked her if she is available. Since Brit is a rich, free, teen girl, she absolutely said yes. So Zayn got her number and invited her to come with them. She was so overwhelmed; so very happy! So Brit hugged the boys as a 'goodbye'.

So the boys went and stayed in their rooms in the hotel. Liam approached Zayn and said "You like her, don't you?" with a big smile in his face. Zayn, however just smiled and blushed a bit. Brit then, packed her clothes and personal stuffs.

Hours later, Brit arrived at the hotel where the boys are then he messaged Zayn to tell him she's downstairs and asked what number is their room. Zayn replied and just said "Nah, I'll pick you up ;)". Brit blushed and smiled the time she saw Zayn's message.

So Zayn, together with Paul, went to fetch her. She was really blushing, like a potato face, that every person in the hotel stares at her with no idea how lucky she was!

At the boys' room, the boys welcomed Brit and offered her something to eat. Then they spent their time knowing each other. The boys realised that Brit was so polite, gorgeous and pretty cute. They liked her!

So as their bonding continued, they even followed her on Twitter and posted pictures of them together on Brit's Facebook account.

When it was already early 5:00 in the morning, Brit went home and jumped to her bed, giggling, realising she had met the MOST amazing boys in her whole life!

**I might update it for a long time from now, due to too many school works. Soryyyyyy. But, Thankyou for reading! :) xx **




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