Chapter 10 :

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~Jane's POV~

"Hey Jane! Jane!" 

"WHAT!?" I asked annoyed 

"When are you going to stop looking through that window and pay attention to me!? you know they probably forgot about you already" he spat 

"It's none of your damn business cat!" 

It has almost been a week and neither Sally, Ben, Jeff or even Smile came to visit me I wonder what happened? Did they really forget about me!?


"I got it!" I replied


"I'MMMMMMMM BOOOOOOOOOORED!" Grinny complained breaking the silence

"So?" I asked

"Let's go hunting!" he demanded

"Fineeeee....let's go"

 After roaming around the forest for about an hour we didn't find anybody I mean sound, no scent no nothing

"Ugh! this is pissing me off! let's just go back!" 

"Wait Jane look over there!" Grinny whispered "And keep your voice down"

"Wha--" when I looked where Grinny was pointing I saw Jeff hidden behind a bush with Smile looking at something 

"Should we check it out?" Grinny asked with his grin getting wider in a second

"Ummm...I--I guess we should it wouldn't hurt right? we're just going to see what's happening and go home quietly kay Grinny?"

"yeah yeah let's go" 

As I got closer to where Jeff and Smile was my senses started to kick in I--I smell blood and excitement? and I can hear people chattering among st themselves 'What the heck is that!?' I asked as I realized that I was right behind Jeff and Smile *UMF*

"Wha-- ohh....hey Jane I didn't see you there"

"Neither did I..." I admitted shyly "umm anyway what's going on? what or who are you tailing?" I asked

"It's Slenderman's colleagues? friends? acquaintance? or whatever they are!"

"Umm why?" 

"Because their suspicious" he said he's shoulders bumping into mine

"Su-suspicious how?"

"They just are...oh and umm I'm sorry for not visiting you guys for almost a week.."

"It's fine no biggie" i replied putting a little distance between us which was close a second later by Jeff..

"Umm...anyway I would like to ask you something.."

"Huh what?"

"Would you--would you g-go ou-out---" but before he could finish his sentence his face turned red as a cherry

"Uh--uhm Jeff? are you okay?" I asked putting my hand on his forehead

"I uhm I'm fine..sorry" 

"Anyway what were you asking?"


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