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I love you guys so much for supporting this book 😩❤️ Y'all make my day with your wild comments 😂 I'm trying my best Thanks again ❤️

I love you guys so much for supporting this book 😩❤️ Y'all make my day with your wild comments 😂 I'm trying my best ✨ Thanks again ❤️

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I was with Kai just vibing at the house. The JBA boys invited me to go for some food, but I didn't want to leave Mekai. They ended up convincing me to bring her along.

Kai and I met up with the boys at a fast food joint. I opened the door for her and we entered the establishment.

"Wassup yo," I dapped them up.

Kai gave them a simple smile and we sat down.

"Your girl don't talk?" Gregg asked.

"Yeah but she's a lil shy."

"A pretty lil mama like you shouldn't be shy tho," Niles smirked at her.

I scrunched up my face at him and ignored it.

Niles kept staring at her while we we're having conversations. I placed my hand around her and brought her closer to me.

"So what's your name?" He asked.

"Melo's Wifey," I replied glaring him.

"You funny asf bro," He laughed.

I kept a straight face. He directed his attention back to Mekai. He was about to say something before I cut him off.

"Aye you R kelly mf, she's 16 and my girl alright. I'd appreciate if you left her alone."

"Ooops," Big Jelly snickered.

"Niggas get a fine girl and don't know how to act," Niles smacked his lips.

"Continue smacking your lips before I smack your lil 3 feet ass," I replied.

"Chill babe," Kai said rubbing my stomach area.

I relaxed a bit and continued talking. Boy was trying it.

We ate our food and left the restaurant. I took Kai for ice cream since it was a lil routine we had.

We ordered and sat with our ice creams at a table.

"You okay Melly?" She asked.

She was so beautiful man. Had a nigga ready to throw hands.

"I don't like people addressing you like that, dude have no respect for me," I shrugged.

She grabbed my face and smiled.

"I'm with you and only you baby, I ain't marrying no nigga almost the same height as me," She chuckled.

"Actually you're much shorter than him," I laughed kissing her.

She let go of my face and ate her ice cream.

"You thinking about honeymoon locations?" I asked.

"Honeymoon?" She asked shocked.

"Our families will come too."

"I was wondering, cause our underage asses can't go alone," She giggled.

'Why not? We mature enough," I smirked at her.

"Melo we both have curfews."

"Mane whatever," I shrugged.

"Lil ass boy thinking he grown and shit, he ain't even washing his own boxers," Kai mumbled to herself.

"I'm lil in age but I'm grown in other areas," I winked at her.

She closed her eyes and chuckled.

"Alright sir," She grinned.

"You know you're so talented baby, I didn't know you can skate that well," Kai roared with laughter.

"Stfu Mekai."

"I suck at skating bro," I chuckled in embarrassment.

"Lol same."

She made everything feel better.

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