24 : The Parallel Universe❇

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"Gwen? Are you okay?" Justin whispered over the communicator.

Talk to me, Gwen, c'mon...say something. Please be safe.

"Justin..." Justin was taken aback when a male voice ringed in his ears, instead of Gwen's.

He paused momentarily, before realising this was someone he knew.

Someone who wouldn't lay a finger on Gwen.

That familiar voice couldn't have made Justin feel more reassured than ever. "Welcome back, Timo."

Kei and the rest who were with him heard his reply and cheered. "He's alive!"

But where had he been for a week? It was so long since they had last seen him. And of all things, why was he and Gwen in the exact same location when they had all entered from the same place?

Was this deliberately set up for Gwen?

The gang was clueless. But at least they knew she wasn't alone.

Kei and Sheila approached Justin. "She's at least 5 streets south, Justin. There's no way we'll get to her as a gang, but we could dispatch smaller groups since we've got Sanctuary and Winged Assassins with us here as well."

"I'll go with you," Sheila gave Justin a pat on his shoulder, "she's my sister, afterall." Sheila turned to look at Kei and gave him a reassuring smile.

"Relax, Keith," she began, "I can handle this."

Kei rolled her eyes at her for calling him by his old name. "Alright, be safe..." he blinked and nodded.

Sheila planted a kiss on his cheeks. "You know I will."

Robin and Glen tagged along with her, insisting that they wanted to see Timothy as well.

"I guess our little party of 6 is enough to deal with them since we've got two of the strongest female players on our side," Robin remarked jokingly.

"The rest of the gang will set up operations in the building, and the rest will dispatch into groups of 10 and conduct a surveillance on the area. We need to know their whereabouts because this is a new map." Kei ordered.

"Alright," Gwen replied over the communicator.

"Ok then, we'll set out to rescue Gwen first. I'll get Sanctuary to secure the perimeter first." Sheila commanded her gang, and they were off to find Gwen.

On their way, the only person on Justin's mind was Gwen.

Her earlier encounter with Daniel was not just bizarre, but it could hold a greater secret—and all the light they couldn't see in an abyss of darkness and lies.

If anything, the woman which Daniel loved may have been the very reason Eregor was created to resolve the feud in his early life, at the expense of all these pawns which he manipulated to do his dirty work.

Justin was worried about her safety. He had never been able to save her thus far...

All he ever had been was nothing more than a burden to her.

In the battlefield, she was probably a lot more aggressive than he'd ever been: he was merely a sniper who hid in the shadows of the night, firing at those in his sight. But she was different. She always took to the front lines, killing without mercy. No signs of fear ever radiated from her eyes.

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