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As soon as we landed in Sydney the boys were talking about going onto the Harbor. Liam was already on the phone with a rental company, trying to rent us a yacht for the day. "All right everyone, we're supposed to be there in an hour. Go get changed, and meet back here in twenty- five minutes."

Harry took off for the elevator and Louis ran after him screaming, "HARRY DON'T YOU DARE TAKE THE GOOD BED AGAIN. IT'S MY TURN!"

"Gosh our friends are mature," I chuckled as Harry and Louis scrambled to push the other one out of the elevator. 

"FOR THE LOVE OF CARROTS!" Louis roared as Harry successfully shoved him out of the elevator before the doors slid shut. Louis took off for the stairs in an attempt to beat Harry to the room.

"Are you excited for a swim?" Zayn asked, slipping his hand around mine. 

"As if I'm letting anyone see me in a swimsuit like this!" I laughed. "No way, Jose."

"Don't be silly, love," Zayn chided, pressing the button to summon the elevator. "You look smoking."

"You have to say that," I teased. "You're my fiance."

"You're right. But it also happens to be the truth," he smiled. He gave my stomach a quick rub. "Pregnancy suits you."

"Better take a picture then, because this," I pointed to my bump, "is not happening again for several years."

"Fine by me. Two is a good start." As we arrived at our room he pulled out the key and slid it into the lock. "SHODDY THE GOOD BED!" He yelled, bounding over to the bed by the window.

"You're as bad as Lou and Harry!" I laughed. I opened my suitcase and dug around for the swimsuit that I had packed. "I'll be right back." 

I slipped into the bathroom to freshen up and slip on the suitcase. As I pulled on the hot pink bikini bottoms I turned around to examine myself in the mirror. Luckily the only place I seemed to have gained a substantial amount of weight was in my stomach. My legs and butt looked as toned as ever, and they were on full display. I mentally scolded myself for not thinking to purchase a less revealing swimsuit. When I entered the main room again I giggled, seeing Zayn flopped on the bed, his shirt half on. I grabbed a coverup and threw it on before flopping beside him.

I took a deep lungful of air and shouted, "rally! Rally! Rally! Rally! Rally! Rally! Rally! Rally! Rally!"

Zayn rolled over so he was on top of me, gently pinning me beneath his body. "Somebody's had a sudden burst of energy."

"I slept the entire flight here," I reminded him, shivering at how close his face was to mine. "That's the longest consecutive rest I've had in several months. I'm practically the energizer bunny."

"Well, little rabbit, now that you've got me awake, what are we going to do?" His voice was teasing, but the look in his eyes was anything but amused. 

I was going to come up with some clever and seductive response, but instead the twins both kicked at the same time and I couldn't help but just laugh. Zayn was laughing too when he said, "do you ever get the feeling that there's something in between us?" He pressed a quick kiss onto my lips and rolled off of me.

"You two sure can ruin a moment." I poked my stomach with each word, resulting in responding kicks. "Just you wait until you're in the real world. Daddy's going to be mad when he misses out on quality time with mommy because he's changing your diapers."

"Oh, I'm changing all the diapers am I?" He questioned, raising his eyebrows.

"Well of course. They've been living off my body for their first nine months. It'll be your turn to take care of them for a while." 

"First, they're called nappies, not diapers. Second, DREAM BIG. Not a chance I'm doing all the work while you snooze about." 

"I guess we'll just have to call Harry every time they need to be changed," I said decisively. "Problem solved."

"I like the way you think," he laughed. He came closer to me and I let my head rest on his chest. He fiddled with my engagement ring, which I had been wearing as a pendant. "Why don't you wear it properly?"

"Because then the whole world know what it is. When I wear it like this, only our friends understand what it means," I replied. 

"I want to show you off to the whole world."

"Michelle would kill us if we announced the engagement."

"No she wouldn't. She's been expecting it for quite some time. She told me exactly what to say when it's time to announce it." 

"Do you seriously want to say something?" I asked, looking into his endless chocolate eyes. 

"You know that I've wanted to since I proposed. It was your idea to keep it under wraps," he pointed out.

"Are you sure this is what you want? Fans are going to get pissed."

He shrugged. "They'll be fine. Believe it or not, people love Zemma." He kissed my nose as I made  a face at the nickname. "And the moms will love it. Everyone knows that a proper gentleman always marries a girl if he knocks her up."

I rolled my eyes at his crude language. "If you really want to share our engagement with the world, then I'm not going to stop you."

"Good." He kissed my hair and helped me take off the necklace. He slipped the ring onto my finger and helped me to my feet. "Perfect." 

"It is very pretty," I agreed, studying the large rock on my hand. 

"I was talking about you."

My cheeks turned crimson and looked up into his chocolate orbs. "I do believe you're making me blush, Mr. Malik."

"Well, Miss Carlisle, I hope to keep doing so for the rest of your life," he said back, his eyes sparkling. "We should probably head down to the lobby. Are you ready?"

I grabbed the tote bag I had loaded up in the bathroom and nodded. "Ready as I'll ever be. I'm not taking off this dress!"

"Oh really? Want me to take it off for you?" He teased. 

I stood on my toes and planted a lingering kiss on his neck. "You wish," I whispered into his ear.

"Yeah. I do," he said bluntly.

"It amazes me that you still want me when I look like this." I motioned to my ballooning body as we stepped into the elevator.

"You're beautiful," he said seriously. 

"And you're making me blush again," I smiled. "But I'm not the one with a hickey."

Zayn's hand flew to his neck and he groaned. "Do you know how much shit I'm going to get for this?"

"That's the point. Maybe no one will be staring at my stomach if they're staring at that little blemish." 

"Nice try, but it won't work." As soon as we got off the elevator he walked right up to the boys and pointed to his neck. "Look what Gemma did!"

They immediately burst into laughter, high- fiveing him and patting him on the back. "This is normally the part where I lecture you about safety, but she's already pregnant," Louis said. "But just know, we're bringing this up in the interview tomorrow."

Zayn looked at me and winked. "I'm not too worried about you guys stealing the show."

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