Chapter Seventeen

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"Fuck! Harder! Yes! Right there. . . Oh my. . . god!" Regina screamed through the pillow she had shoved in her mouth. Alternating between screams and bites so hard she was sure she'd end up with a mouth full of goose feathers. Again.

"Fuck, Regina." Emma moaned as she entered the darker woman writhing beneath her with the bright pink phallus strapped to her fair hips. Emma leaned forward over the mayor. The blonde's muscles aching and burning from the exertion. Sweat dripping off her body and rolling down taught skin. Emma's right hand gripped Regina's ankles. The brunette's legs were closed together, thrown over Emma's right shoulder and pressing against the blonde's chest and abdomen. When Emma leaned forward she pushed the back of Regina's thighs flush against her tanned stomach and opened up the brunette for deeper access.

"Fuck!" Regina squeaked while holding her breath and Emma watched brown eyes roll to the back of her head. She was close. Emma's thrusting continued fast and furious until the blonde suddenly sat back on her heels and pulled out of Regina completely. The mayor immediately missed the woman inside of her and opened her eyes in confusion. Emma brought toned legs down from her shoulders and let them drop on either side of her body. The brunette reflexively shivered at the cold air hitting her newly exposed flesh.

Before Regina could speak, Emma brought her hand down with a hard slap over Regina's swollen center before slamming into her again hard with her full length. Regina gnashed her teeth together and let out a strangled guttural cry as her climax claimed her. Emma barely moved as Regina bucked wildly against her silicone appendage. Waves of pleasure tearing through the mayor's tense body.

After several minutes Regina's movements slowed and Emma leaned in to kiss her deeply while still moving inside her at a much more languid pace. As the blonde's tongue explored the other woman's mouth, Regina slipped her fingers under the leather strap holding the base of the toy against Emma's center. She immediately located the blonde's hard clit and rubbed her two fingers over it. The leather was fastened so tightly against Emma's skin that the darker woman could barely move her hand, and the material was cutting into the mayor painfully.

"That feels good." Emma whispered into Regina's mouth as her body began to grind against the other woman's touch. The words produced a moan from the mayor.

"Are you going to come inside of me?" Regina bit her lip as she asked, feeling a little embarrassed but hoping Emma would play along.

It was a few moments before a shaky "yes" escaped Emma's lips and she let out a moan and jerked her hips upward to allow Regina more access. The head of the toy hit Regina's g-spot causing the mayor to take in a sharp breath followed by a whimper of pleasure.

"Regina. . ." Emma moaned, moving faster against the brunette's trapped fingers. Her face against the other woman's neck as she concentrated on the sensation of fingertips creating a perfect rhythm.

Each thrust of Emma's hips brought Regina closer to another orgasm. The mayor could only groan in response to her name. A new layer of sweat was building and the brunette was already panting again.

"Regina. . ." Emma moaned the name again sending a bolt of electricity through the woman grinding underneath her. Hooded brown eyes looked up into green. Regina recognized the look and knew what her lover wanted. Emma didn't like to voice her desires in bed, but the brunette was learning what turned the blonde on most. Regina used her left hand to run across her own chest, rolling a taught nipple between her fingers and then pinching it hard. The blonde moaned and moved faster against Regina's fingers. Regina bit her lip and moved to the other erect bud repeating the action and then grabbing her entire breast hard with a groan.

"Fuck." Green eyes rolled back and Emma struggled to maintain her focus. "Can you come again?" Emma asked breathlessly, for the first time wondering if the continuos thrusting was hurting the other woman.

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