Text Convo with your Sibling- Cole

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🍰CakeBro🍰- Come on sis!!!!!! Guess what I'm going to bring home!!!!

Pebble💎- Cake.

🍰CakeBro🍰- How did you guess so fast!?

Pebble💎- Because that's what you bring home ever time you come back from a mission!

🍰CakeBro🍰- True, but..... I'm also bringing something else.

Pebble💎- Ohhh? And what would that be? 😏 A girlfriend maybe?

🍰CakeBro🍰- WHAT!? NO!

Pebble💎- Yep it totally is!!

🍰CakeBro🍰- No It's not!!

Pebble💎- Heck yeah! I'm telling everyone!!

🍰CakeBro🍰- Do that and I won't give you any cookies for a month.

Pebble💎- Whatever.

🍰CakeBro🍰- And no double chocolate fudge brownies.

Pebble💎- NOOOOOOOO!!! 😵😵

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