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I made a face at the dress I wore.
The hole in the back was thinner than I'd thought but the sleeves were lace. Don't get me wrong they were comfortable. But there was a slit in the front off to the side that went up my leg and all in all it didn't look like me.
Not something I would wear at all.
Yet here I was, wearing it, and for a bunch of Alphas.
I suddenly wondered if the Alpha was blind, or just had no fashion since. Even my 'drabs' looked better than this.
There was a knock at my door as I fiddled with the button in the back and pulled my hair up in a messy ponytail.
Raising a brow I walked over to the door and opened it curiously.
Of course, it was Jacob.
He was wearing a tux, I didn't think this fancy stuff was really necessary. I mean it was dinner with his parents. Yet, another mystery to the Alpha class.
"Are you ready?" He asked looking down at me as I had the door blocking his sight from the dress I was wearing.
"Well I mean I'm dressed if that's what you mean." I told him simply and he rolled his eyes before pushing the door open and walking inside.
What was with him and coming in here like that?
I sighed before closing the door and turning around, he looked at me in shock.
'Yeah I can look just as ugly as you guys. It's not that hard.' I thought to myself before folding my arms with a small frown.
"You don't actually look like an Omega." He said looking impressed.
"Thank you?" I asked with a quizzical look as he walked around me in a circle.
"Yeah, you don't even need any jewelry, you have strangely good posture too."
I gave him a deadpanned look. I didn't slouche because my dad has a lot of back problems because of his slouching, back problems I didn't want to deal with when I got older so I learned to keep a straight back. And my skin was clear because I washed my face every night before bed and took showers regularly.
I sighed.
"Is there a point for you circling me like a vulture?" I asked and he stopped in front of me with a frown.
He grabbed one of my wrists bringing it out of my folded arms and putting a bottle of perfume in my hand.
I wrinkled my nose.
"It'll hide your mutt scent and you won't be out of place, every woman here wears perfume."
My expression of distaste didn't change as I looked at the bottle but held my breath and sprayed some on myself.
The Alpha waited until the perfum had settled before sniffing me and I leaned away from him.
"You don't have to do that." I told him simply and he straightened.
"What ever." He rolled his eyes and I frowned.
"Do your parents know I'm a mix breed?" I asked him, this behavior of caution had caught my attention.
"No they don't. And I would not like to get yelled at for inviting a mutt into this house, I've already been yelled at for inviting an Omega."
Figures, well at least he'd gotten in trouble for something.
I held out the perfume for him to take but he shook his head.
"Keep it."
With a sigh I put it on a dresser near my bed as he opened the door and walked out of my room waiting for me.
I glanced at my leather jacket with longing before following the Alpha out and down the hall into another hallway.
We made at least three turns into several hallways before entering a Dinning room.
He quickly linked our arms as if he'd been escorting me here and I found myself relieved that he hadn't done that on the way here.
Two people were sitting at the dinning table. The man was sitting tall with white hair covering his head and the woman had hair that contrasted beautifully with her eyes.
I felt as though I was looking at the night sky it'self when I looked at them and their dark colors. The woman was wearing a dress the same color as me but with trails behind it and no slit. It fit her graceful figure and I wondered how they looked so powerful in their old age.
I was careful not to look them in the eyes or the face as The Alpha pulled out a chair for me next to the old man. This was the pack's Alpha. Across from me, next to where Jacob sat was the Luna of the pack.
I felt a strong bond with them and happy too. I knew they were both very kind yet stern Werewolves, and I didn't want to insult them.
"So this is the Omega?" The Woman asked and I looked at the table. It was a bit hard to just stare at the table but I couldn't look them in the eyes, that would be a mistake.
"Yes mother."
Jacob had taken a calm and collected voice as I sat with a straight back and my chin tilted slightly downwards as if in respectful prayer.
"Pretty thing." The Alpha spoke with a warm tone, but the way he said 'thing' it bothered me. Perhaps it was my human side assuming that I was being insulted, but I was being complimented.
However I didn't say anything.
'Don't speak unless spoken to'
"What is your name Darling?" The Luna asked and I blinked at the table trying not to look up at her while I spoke.
"Moon, Ma'am." I said quietly, the proper way to speak to an Alpha. My father usually mumbled, but I annunciated my words clearly.
"Moon, how charming. It's good to know we have such a loyal Omega father." She said as if not even talking to me.
I stared at the table as food was put in front of us. It looked like plastic, I didn't think it could be real.
But the three Alphas began eating it.
"Go ahead child, eat." His voice was cheery, but he seemed to be demanding I eat.
I began eating with the best manners I had, which conveniently were better than my father's. I didn't mean I was better than him. He had more heart than I did, it was the stupid Omega title that caused him to be the way he was. I finished the meal but barely tasted it. It was rich in flavor, too much so. So I ignored the taste and focused more on how I ate it.
"Lovely dinner don't you agree?" The Luna asked and the Alpha spoke about it as if it was his favorite meal in the world.
Jacob answered as well, but I didn't say anything.
"Moon? What did you think?" She asked me and I continued to stare at the table.
"It's the best thing I've ever had." I told her repressing a small smile. But for some reason, my actions were fake, I knew they were. But part of me said they were real, at least the Luna didn't think I was lying as she responded happily.
"I'm glad! And I hope Jacob is taking care of you." She told me and I nodded slightly.
"Yes, he's been very charitable." I wouldn't say kind, but he was being nice I suppose.
The Alpha and Luna had alcohol poured into their glasses and Jacob excused himself and I so they could have time alone together to enjoy the wine.
"You're good." He told me as we walked down the hallway again.
I looked up at him but he was staring straight ahead.
"What do you mean?" I asked with a puzzled frown as we turned down the second hallway and he stopped, putting a hand against the wall in front of me. I jumped at the sudden action and turned to him, only to back up to the wall as he leaned closer.
"You've got some pretty good manners, but I think you'd have avoided this whole thing if you'd had those same manners around me."
My frown grew deeper as I looked him in the eyes.
"I was protecting my father from you. You want my respect? You earn it like your father and mother have."
His eyes narrowed at me for a moment before he slowly pulled away from me and dropped his arm.
I kept looking him in the eyes until I started walking and he followed me from behind.
Once we reached the third hall I paused not remembering which way to turn.
The Alpha behind me set a hand on my hip directing me in the right direction.
A chill ran up my spine from the contact but he didn't take his hand off until we were outside my door.
I opened the door and went inside before turning to close my door.
Jacob was watching me do so but didn't stop me to say anything.
I shut the door and wait a few seconds for him leave before shuddering.

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