You're My Final Exam || Highschool Teachers AU (Adrienette)

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A/N: It's the high school teachers one if you were wondering

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A/N: It's the high school teachers one if you were wondering.

Years after Hawkmoth was finally defeated and Ladybug kept being stubborn, the two heroes parted ways never to see each other again. Except for when the two former high schoolers return to their school for a job and suddenly both of them are knocked into familiar feelings and dreams of the past. And the dynamic just seems so familiar to one they've felt before...

Marinette got up early, refusing to be late for her first day at work.

She stirred her coffee delicately, the mixes of creamer and sugar spinning around the dark coffee itself.

Briskly, she placed a lid on it and bagged the small breakfast pastry from her parents just last night.

Glancing at the clock, she leisurely made her way out of the door. Unlike all those mornings for school.

She would actually get there on time.

How did she get this job? you may be asking.

Well, about two weeks into July, Ms. Bustier had called Marinette after discovering she was in-between jobs.


"Is this Madame Dupain-Cheng?" the familiar voice had echoed into her ear.

"Yes, this is she." she had hesitantly replied, "Who is this?"

She laughed, "It's Ms. Bustier, I've been newly promoted to principal and it's been brought to my attention that you don't have a job. Since Adrien decided to shut down the Agreste company that is."

Marinette grinned, "Ms. Bustier! It's been too long! What are you proposing?"

Ms. Bustier explained, "I wanted to expand the classes our school provided. I know you're well capable of a job and wanted to add a fashion class. Would you be interested?"

Marinette smiled, "Yes, of course! When do I start?"

Ms. Bustier grinned, "Great, August will be your first month. Oh! I invited an old school mate of yours as well, he'll teach Physics."

Marinette grinned, she hadn't been in contact with a lot of her old friends.

The only problem was, which one was it?


She slowly approached the school, memories of flushed cheeks and a racing hearts fluttering in her mind.

I wonder what Adrien is doing now?

She instinctively reached for her earrings, or the small floating kwami in her purse. Yet, she wasn't there.

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