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I hope you did :3, the strange vistor's name will be revealed this chapter ~excitement builds~

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~16 years ago~

You were 6 years old with your best friend Rosemary, who went by Rosie at the time, were playing in her basement. Her father was abusive and her mother was a drug addict, so it was a wonder your mother ever let you play at her house.

You two heard her father slam the door open and ran down the stairs towards Rosie. You did as you always did when he acted like this, and that was to run outside and wait. He usally took about ten minutes and finished whatever he did to her, than let her play again. She always came outside with scratch marks on her arms and bright pink hand marks on her face.

Whenever you two were outside after his sins, she said she just wants to escape and cause other people the pain she was given, it had always scared you when she talked like that.

Soon Highschool came, and you two were as close as ever, but her father had gotten worse, and her mother had killed herself two years before 9th grade.

It was a Wednesday night, you two were going on a long walk on a beated old road to the local pond, until there was a bright flash and Rosie was gone. Lying on the dirt-filled road. She had gotten hit by a car, or so the police said.

You never talk about that horrible day, but here she is. Not Dead.

~Present Time~

Rosie walked into the flat and sat next to you on the couch as Jim stood in front of you both.

"(y/n)..." he said "This, is Mary Morstan"

Your eyes grew wide as he told you his plan entitled "The Fall."

Its brillant, bloody brillant.

You three discused the plan down to the very last detail.

Sherlock will lose the game. But do you want that? You weren't entierly sure anymore.

Jim left the room and Rosie, or should you say Mary, was staring.

Before you could say anything she said "I understand you have questions."

You just slowly nod and she responds "All will be revealed soon (y/n)"

You look down a tear rolling down your cheeks "I trusted you, and you left me, without telling me." your cheeks flushed red when Jim walked into the room again and rushed to your side.

"What happened?" he asks wiping your tears

"Get her out of here, she's useless" you say as 'Mary' gets up and walks out of the door

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