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'Excuse me?' Lisa said warily, taking a step back from the woman who had just helped her up.

'Alma Stack, representative of the organisation known as Hercules.'

Hercules, Hercules, Hercules, where have I heard that before? Lisa thought.  'What does Hercules do?' Lisa asked.

Alma smiled. 'Well Ms Farrow, we deal with problems of a supernatural nature.'

Lisa vaguely remembered something about Hercules, they were the organisation that Adam had give her the name of back when this whole mess had started, and the same organisation that had sent her their card.

'Oh I remember hearing about you guys.' Lisa swallowed. It was painful. Her neck was still sore and she rubbed it softly, feeling where it was tender before speaking again; 'The first person that mentioned you to me works for the company that has tried to kill me and the second person did try to kill me. Are you going to kill me, Ms Stack?'

Alma shifted slightly and cleared her throat. 'Okay Ms Farrow, I'm going to be honest with you.'

'Well, that would be nice, for a change.' Lisa crossed her arms.

'You say everyone keeps trying to kill you. When you say everyone, who do you mean? Humans? I don't think so. It seems to us that all your problems have come from these creatures that you may not fully understand.'

'Go on.' Lisa nodded.

'So, our organisation wants to provide you with an....education of sorts. You may think you know a lot of things about these creatures but that's only based on what they have told you, you only know what they want you to know and when I say they, I mean Achilles.'

'What's your point? Do you want information on him? Because I haven't got any.'

'No Ms Farrow, we already have the information on him, we just need to give it to you.'

Lisa was confused. 'I don't understand, what do you mean?'

'You may think you know him Ms Farrow, but you don't. He's done some things we think you should be aware of, that will show you just why everyone has been trying to keep you away from him.'

'What? Is it that he got a girl pregnant? Because that's old news and-'

'Not quite.' Alma interjected, her voice changing slightly. 'But I can't discuss it with you here. For security reasons.' She angled her jaw up slightly and looked around as if she was suspicious of the place. To be quite honest, Lisa wouldn't blame her, it was incredibly suspicious there.

'And do you expect me to just go with you?' Lisa raised an eyebrow. This was a bit of a joke, this woman didn't seriously expect Lisa to just up and leave with her did she?

'All due respect,' Alma began. 'Where would you go? Achilles has been taken in holding here. Your friend Alison's house is currently under surveillance by Hire an Incubus and ourselves for both her protection and yours. You can't stay here, Hire an Incubus isn't affiliated with us and if some crazed idiot incubus like that fool just there tries to come after you and kill you, no one will be protecting you, at least this way, you will be safe.'

Lisa didn't say anything for a few minutes. Alma made a good point, there wasn't really anywhere for her to go. Maybe she could go to this place, see what they had to say and then leave? Surely then she could try and formulate a way to get to Achilles. Unless they killed him.

'I can't. What if they kill Achilles?'

Alma sighed. 'We'll make sure he isn't killed.'

Lisa nodded. 'And will I be allowed to leave at any point?'

'Obviously, we're not like these  neanderthals.' Alma said.

'Then you have a deal.' Lisa said. She supposed that Alma was probably right, if she didn't go with her she would probably be in more danger.

When they re emerged from the room, Lisa realised where she was. The outside of the room didn't look like a cellar at all, just like a normal building. She shuddered thinking about what these rooms were used for. Probably some kind of torture or interrogation. She wondered if Achilles was behind any of those doors and she wondered if he was alright.

Lisa walked behind Alma, who opened her mouth and spoke again. 'Again Ms Farrow, I am so sorry of this treatment that you received, I can guarantee you there will be repercussions for this negligence.'

'Thank you.' Lisa said. 'Really - I mean it. I think that he could have killed me if you had not arrived.'

'No need to thank me Ms Farrow.'

'You can call me Lisa.'

They marched through the front of the building where a group of guards were standing. Damian was standing beside them, looking pissed.

'Alma. What a nice surprise. To what do I owe the pleasure?'

'Cut the shit Damian. One of your employees was practically beating Lisa Farrow here and if I find out that it was under your orders I will have someone else sitting at your desk tomorrow. Also, the rogue incubus lives.'

Damian looked taken aback and Lisa had to admit to herself that she was quite impressed, she was glad she wasn't on the wrong side of this woman. There was contempt in her voice when she spoke to Damian, it was very likely that these two had a history.

Rolling his eyes whilst sighing, Damian paused before replying. 'I understand Alma. Thom will be dealt with and Achilles won't be harmed.' He said it through gritted teeth.

'Thanks Damian. Lisa will be coming with us too and if any of your employees get any bright ideas to pay her a visit, I won't hesitate to use my squad here.'

'I get it.' Damian said.

Lisa had to admit, it felt satisfying to leave, and watching Damian's face seethe with anger as she walked out was one of the most satisfying things ever.

They took what Lisa assumed was a company car out to somewhere Lisa had never been before. It seemed like they had been driving forever when they finally reached a huge building that was out in the middle of nowhere. It looked ominously like a government base of some kind and when they arrived outside after being asked for identification, Lisa stepped out of the car and was amazed at how fancy it was on the inside.

Unlike the marble composition of Hire an Incubus. everything was bright and open and seemed to be made of glass or some other transparent material, all the staircases and desks were glass.

It was only after a while of waiting, Lisa found herself sitting in a small conference room with Alma. People filed in all at once, many of them nodding at Lisa as they walked in. Once they had all sat down, a woman stood up to address them.

'Ms Stack, thank you for bringing in Ms Farrow to talk with us.' She nodded at Alma, who smiled and looked at Lisa. The woman turned to Lisa and made eye contact while saying. 'Welcome to Hercules Lisa, my name is Grace Bryant. I'm sure you have heard a bit about us, that we're an organisation that investigates and deals with all issues supernatural.'

'Yes.' Lisa nodded.

'Well,  you may be thinking why are you here? That's a very question. The answer to that question is that we believe your life is in danger and we are here to make sure you are safe.'

'Who do you think is going to kill me?'

'Unfortunately, you may not like the sound of this, but we have reason to believe that the incubus that you have been spending time with, Achilles, is going to kill you.'

Lisa wasn't buying it. 'I don't think I believe you Ms Bryant.'

Grace sighed and paused before continuing; 'Well, Lisa, I believe we have some information that may change your mind. It is likely that you are unaware of this, but the reason why Achilles is always being pursued is not only because of his history with Hire an Incubus, but also because he is wanted by us for murder.'

Sorry it's short!!!! I hope you liked it xx

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