Authors note

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Um hey guys I know you don't have much of a time to spend with me but just give me a little attention.

I just wanna say thank you all for your support from @zou to @sting to Christine_El_ to @ton and all others

Am so grateful to you guys for paying attention and for the corrections and comments and votes and so on I just don't know how to thank you guys enough.

Thank you so much I love you all.❤❤❤

Also I just wanna say if you wish I give you the permission to share this book with anyone and on any social media.

It's an honour to have you guys as my readers, you are good writers and am looking forward to seeing more from you. You guys are the power in my pen,  you motivate me to write more.

And to those who are wondering how I got to 770 reads I just wanna say it's all because of you. Thanks a lot you guys are one in a million.

If you need my help don't hesitate to text me and if you have any personal problems you can share it with me and I will be happy to help.. And am also happy to say that the mere luna is gonna be having a book club. May God bless u as u join.

Love you all
Your luna

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