Its in my head, part 23

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3rd person perspective
*6 months in time*
Jac had had an operation to have the neoconduit inserted, as her gunshot wound was worsening her mobility. She had gotten back to work afterwards, but Fletch had found her unconscious in her office after an argument. Jac was rushed to theatre twice and nearly died...
But Jac Naylor was a fighter. She survived and now, is in recovery...
What's next for the ice queen?

Fletchs pov:
I looked into Jacs room. My dad had persuaded me to come here. However much I hated my dad, I was glad he did one thing right and persuaded me to come and see Jac.
He opened the door for me and ushered me in.
I walked in. Jacs emerald eyes fixed on me, a small smile on her lips. She still had her engagement ring on.
"I'm glad your here."She said, her voice weak.
I wrung out my hands and looked to the floor like a school boy.
"I didn't think you'd want to see me..."I said, my throat clogged with emotions.
I hadn't cried today but now the emotions were flooding to me, not giving me adrenaline but bringing on a sob as big as a tsunami.
I choke it back but silent tears rolled down my cheeks. To look at Jac in pain was causing me pain.
"If I'd lost you.."I choked out, more tears pouring down my cheeks now.
"Don't, Fletch." She murmured, offering me her hand. I took it in both of mine, massaging her petite hand with both my thumbs.
She looked so ill, like how she looked after the shooting. She was deathly pale and her hair and eyes looked dull.
I stroked her cheek with one of hands, whilst intertwining our fingers with my other.
I leant over and kissed her, a small kiss. I'd missed her so much.
"I should let you rest.." I said, kissing her forehead lightly.
She nods and shuts her eyes. I walk to the door and take one last look at her, before walking out the door.
I walk down the ward towards Nicky.
"You went to see her then?" She asks lightly.
"Yeah."I say, wiping a few tears from my cheeks.
"Is Miss Naylor Okay?"she says respectfully.
"She will be." I say hopefully, putting every ounce of confidence and hope into my voice to will it to be true.
I walk further down the ward to my office and shut the door. I jump. Evie's here.
She jumps up and hugs me tightly.
"I heard about Jac. Grandad told me. I'm so sorry dad." She says. I hug her back. I needed this right now.
I let her go and I sit at my desk. She's sits on the chair the opposite side.
"Theo and Ella and Emma are at the Creché and Mikey is at his friends house." She says, knowing she'd put my mind at ease.
"Thanks Evie, but you should be out with your friends."I say, facing her.
"I knew you needed someone."She said sweetly.
"Well, Thankyou but I don't want to ruin your summer." I say, standing up again.
"Are you sure?" She says, hugging me again.
"I'm sure, now go." I say, handing her £10.
"I'll see you at home Dad. I'll pick up Theo, Emma and Ella for you. So you can stay with Jac for a while." She says, kissing my cheek and leaving before I could change my mind or tell her I'd do it myself. I walk out my office and shut the door behind me.
I'd get on with some work and then go see Jac later.
Then I see Roxanna running to Jacs room.
"Roxanna, what's happened?" I yell down the ward, running after her. She slows to a stop.
"Nothing. I just have a million things to do and I need to give Jac her antibiotics."she says,"sorry for panicking you."
She continues rushing to Jacs room and I walk back to the nurses station.
"What was that about?" Donna asks.
"She has a lot to do apparently?" I shrugged.
Everyone had heard about her and John not working together anymore. It was basically the talk of the hospital.
"Can you come with me to deal with this patient? He's really difficult." Donna asked. I nodded. It would be a good distraction.

Jacs pov:
Roxanna walked in to give me my antibiotics.
She checked my vitals and made sure I had no tingling in any of my hands or legs.
"Your stable, which is good, and your responding well to the antibiotics."she smiled and then rushed out.
I fell back on my pillow, angrily stewing to myself. I was so unbelievably bored.
Then, Sacha walked in.
"Hey Jac." He smiled his dad smile.
"Hi Sacha."I said flatly.
"Good to see your doing well." He smiled, making me smile.
"How's my ward." I said, my Naylor tone coming through.
"It's holding together. Everyone misses you."Sacha smiles.
"If anyone falls out of line..."I begin.
"Then I'll make sure to tell them that you'll have them personally hung, drawn and quartered by the end of the day."he finished my sentence.
I smiled and laughed at how well Sacha knew me.
"There's still no sign of Abigail. We thinks she's gone for good."Sacha says, continuing the conversation.
"Good. If she ever layed another finger on Fletch, I would have snapped it clean off." I sigh, remembering the night she tried to kiss Fletch.
"Still sarcastic Jac Naylor then."Sacha grinned at me.
I said nothing, but smiled at Sacha. He was like a dad to me. And he's always been there for me.
He was always there for Jasmine too.
"I'll let you rest."He says, standing up. He kisses my cheek, a Dad kiss if ever I'd had one and turns to leave.
"Sacha?"I ask.
"Yes Jac."He says, turning to me.
"Thankyou. For everything."I say.
He nods and smiles, knowing what I mean and leaves.
I'm not very good with thanking people but Sacha deserved it..
I layed back in my bed and shut my eyes, and waited for Fletch..


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