Chapter 5

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As time went on each girl started to wake up. First Normani then Lauren and lastly Ally. Dinah had woken up early making breakfast for the girls and even Camila helped. Last night Camila wore the diaper Ally gave her and was very thankful. Dinah and Camila made a plan to go to the zoo

"Morning Baby, Morning Dinah" said Lauren

"Morning LoLo" Camila replied wrapping her arms around her

Lauren was happy that Camila was happy her and also about the nickname she was given by her.

"Hey Lauren how do you feel about going to the zoo with the girls today" Said Dinah

"That sounds likes heaps of fun and it is a good chance to bond with Camila" replies Lauren

About an hour later the girls were packing food and other stuff they need for the zoo. Everyone is now awake and very every excited to go soon. After they were ready they all packed in the car on there way to the zoo. The car ride was pretty long but when they finally got there and inside it was so worth it.

When they were at the zoo the girls saw elephants and dolphins and heaps of different animals. They also had a nice picnic.

On the car ride home everyone was quiet because Camila fell asleep but later through the ride Ally noticed something.

"Guys I think Camila has wet herself"

To be continued

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