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Ian grunted a sigh of relief as they pulled into the parking lot of the reception hall that sat overlooking the ocean. Blake had been talking non-stop about the events of the day. While Ian needed to know what would be happening at this wedding celebration, Blake's continual chatter was working on his already thin nerves.

He prattles on as if it is the happiest day of his own life. Ian parked the car and shook his head. What am I doing? How does this help anything? Am I going to just stare at her all night? He shot a look across to Blake as he got out of the car. I risk everything I have accomplished today for a look at her. I am a foolish, foolish man.

Ian and Blake entered the large entry of the reception hall. A sign-in table with a book and pen, as well as the seating chart, were straight ahead of them beside the large decorative doors of the dining room. Large bouquets of flowers filled the area and were arranged next to darkened windows that overlooked the rest of the hall, including the tables and dance floor.

Ian left the line that held several groups of people including a couple of families. He leaned up against the wall near a window that gave him the best view of the area. Ian waved Blake on. "I can see you from here, Argos. Remember that."

This earned him a few curious stares from the other guests and a look of chagrin from Blake. Ian studied the area. Sonora was not there yet.

A young boy of about seven made his way over to Ian. He seemed hesitant at first but was bold enough to get close enough to line his own foot up with Ian's.

Ian smiled. The boy examined his own small foot next to his. Then he stepped back a bit and looked all the way up to Ian's face. He analyzed Ian, looking him up and down him several times.

"You're tall," the boy said.

"I am." Ian chuckled at the boy's serious examination.

"How did you get so tall?"

"I eat a lot."

The boy stuck his hands into his dress pant pockets and nodded his head as if that is what he'd thought all along. Then he wandered back to his family. His father looked over at Ian. The two men smiled and nodded at each other.

Ian watched through the window as Blake slowly made his way to his own table, stopping at several others on the way for a chat. It didn't surprise Ian. Blake had always been known to be extremely social. Blake's father had often called him 'herring' as a boy as they were known to school in gigantic groups and the boy was always with people.

There was a stir among the guests as they turned toward a door Ian couldn't see. The bride and groom entered the room followed by the rest of the bridal party. Once Ian saw Sonora, he saw nothing else.

His eyes tracked her as she walked across the room to the table prepared for the wedding party. They stood behind their chairs for a few minutes as announcements and congratulations were given to the happy couple.

Sonora looked around the room, her brows slightly knitted. Ian's heart sped up. Does she know I am here? Is she looking for me?

He reached out for her again, as he had at the wedding. She looked startled for a moment, then examined the room some more. After a moment, she lightly shook her head. Ian smiled.

The group sat and started eating. Ian's stomach rumbled reminding him that he hadn't eaten for a while either. With a bit of a frown, he realized he hadn't thought this part through. Sonora and Blake were both happily eating their dinner. Neither one of them were going anywhere.

Ian followed the smell of food to the kitchen. A bit of flirting with a young server earned him a bowl of lobster bisque, a plate of roast beef and potatoes and even a glass of wine. While roast beef was something he rarely had and didn't really favor, Ian figured it might help keep him full past his normal two to three-hour eating schedule. With a wink and a nod of thanks to the server, he left before she asked for his number.

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