chapter thirty ; live free or die

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august. 2010

Finn sat in the driver seat of his car while Millie was in the passenger side. He felt like he could barely breathe. He thought he was going to have some sort of panic attack and Millie wasn't doing much better than he was. She was also scared out of her mind.

The reason behind their nervousness - They were in the middle of the desert, in the middle of nowhere, and Mike was coming to meet with them.

Mike knew that Finn killed Dom and burnt down the lab although he didn't know that Millie had anything to do with it. Whenever they were creating the bomb and their plot to murder Dom, they'd completely forgotten about Mike.

Fortunately for the two teens, they had a plan. They didn't want to add another name to their list of murders, so they were going to take a different route. A peaceful one. They both knew it could backfire but it was a chance they were willing to take.

Finn unbuckled his seatbelt when he saw a car quickly approaching in the distance. Millie did the same and hopped out of the car. Finn also exited the vechile a moment later. He took a deep breath and prepared himself for whatever was coming.

Mike stopped his car and swiftly hopped out. "Oh shit..." Millie muttered when she saw that the man was holding up a pistol and aiming it directly at Finn. The brunette girl quickly stepped in front of the boy in an attempt to protect him. She had a feeling that Mike wouldn't shoot her but she knew that he'd kill Finn in an instant.

"Look, if you kill him, you're gonna have to kill me." Millie said softly, trying to keep the peace. Mike let out a shaky breath and lowered his gun slightly.

"Dom was going to kill us. We couldn't just be sitting ducks, waiting to die." Finn attempted to explain.

Mike looked up at the sky and exhaled. "Did you actually think that burning down the lab would erase any evidence? They already have a warrent for Dom's house and his restauraunts."

Finn mentally cursed himself. He never thought about anything else but the lab. Even if he had thought about it, he obviously couldn't have burnt down Dom's house and business establishments. It would've drawn too much attention towards him.

"There's a possibility that they won't find anything." Millie suggested. She was trying to be a real optimist in that situation although it was rather hard.

Mike chuckled silently. "You're delusional if you think that. They've already arrested three guys that were involved in everything. Now I have to pay them so they don't spill the beans. If these guys testify to the cops, we are all gonna sit in jail for the rest of our lives."

Finn swallowed hard. The fact that three witnesses to everything had been arrested was very frightening. They'd most likely already been questioned and were going to be questioned again and again until the D.E.A got some answers about Dom's meth operation.

"Look Mike, I have a plan. Okay so, you hook us up with a distributor and then we'll make the product. You can have a 33.33% share of all the profit and then you can pay off the witnesses." The curly haired boy attempted to bargain.

"Why shouldn't I just shoot you right now?" The older man retorted.

Millie inhaled deeply. "Because Finn can make you even richer than you already are. I'm sure you made millions working for Dom, well, you'll make tens of millions working for Finn!"

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