Can I Have This Dance ? (Part 1)

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The Greatest Showman | Chapter 8
    Chapter Eight
   ~ can I have this dance?

~ Adeline P.O.V~

Slowly I clenched my hands on the balcony ledge touching the cold hard base against my palms. Settling my arms vertically extending my elbow behind the rail which holds. Hands across one another. Tingles of vibrations from the music could be felt across the floor. All around the surroundings of ballroom was decora- ted with delicate with individual white, pink roses & dahlias with hints of colors blooming around and much more beautiful flowers I could identify flower bushes attached to the concrete rails. I absoulety fell in love with the view of the ballroom especia- lly the music down where the collect- ion of orchestras is playing. I was standing in the gleam of light, center of the spotlight it seemed like the attention was trailing on to me. Every now and then people would give a glance then admire me .

It was an uncomfortable situation but I managed to adapt to the ocurrence. Everyone stared, the scenery was part of a storybook. I looked like a princess waiting for her mysterious prince to arrive out of nowhere.


My eyes trailed out to the ball down below watching young pairs dance across the dance floor gracefully . I love dancing it was a passion of mine I truly enjoy it. But most of the time I prefer to stand alone enjoying others time.

Looking around the ball I noticed a young man from the distance staring at me from below his eyes meeting mine.

Looking around the ball I noticed a young man from the distance staring at me from below his eyes meeting mine

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The sensation was like I was captured in some spell. Our eyes were locked for a while but soon it ended. As I turned away, pulling my hair back to the end of my ear looking down at the cold hard floor .

We had quick glance before he shyly turned away.

Distracted by the music and dancing from below the feeling of enjoyment started to lighten my mood.

It was about 10 minutes when I felt a slight little tug on my dress.

"Excuse me miss" I looked down to see a beautiful young girl with a pair of white gloves held in her hand.

"Hello. Who might you be ?" I asked politely as I bend down to be eye with the little girl.

"My name is Helen miss. I love your eyes. They are mostly beautiful" She said shyly placing her hands behind her back.

"Thank you, you might be one of the few who actually actually think so" I smiled however I let strand of my hair fall over my face.

She slowly leaned forward, her hand lightly touched my face when she pulls the strand of hair behind my ear pulling back to admire a bit more of my eyes, her smile getting larger.

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