Chapter 2

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*Y/N's POV*

"I'm so glad your on tour with us,Y/N!" Camila, said moving closer to me, then my green eyed girlfriend say down, by me and pulled my chin toward her, connecting out lips. "Your rude Lauren." Mila said, I just laughed. "Girls!! Not fighting over Y/N!" Ally said, walking in with Dinah, and Normani behind her. "She's my girlfriend!" Lauren said, pouting. "She my best friend!" Camila said, I just sat in between the cute little fight over me. "Yeah, but she my GIRLFRIEND!" Lauren said again say girlfriend really slow, so they could understand. "It's true, I'm taken by a cutie!" I said, sitting on Lauren's lap. "That's right, maybe cutie, can be our always.?" She said, winking up at me. "Did you just quote The Fault in Our Stars?" Asked Camila. "Yeah." Lauren said leaning back on the couch. Me still on her lap. "Cutie?" She said poking my stomach lightly. "Cutie." I said. We all laughed at mine and Lauren's, sucky The Fault in Our Stars scene. "Girls rehearsal time." There manger said from the door. "Come with us Y/N!" The all begged, "Sure id love to!"

*Lauren's POV*

"Lauren!!" I heard as we stepped of the bus. Me and Y/N walked over. "No, I don't wanna see her, just beautiful you Lauren." The fan said. My heart dropped when I saw Y/N throw her head down, and walk away. "YOU NO WHAT?! NO! IF YOU DONT WANNA SEE MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND! I WONT RESPECT YOU, BECAUSE I LOVE HER! SO BYE!" I yelled at the fan. Once I caught up, with Camila and Y/N, Camila had her arm around Y/N's waist, god she's probably crying. "Y/N?" I said pulling my arms around her waist from behind. "yeah.." She said soft. And she was crying. She looked so heart broken. "That fan is just a big asshole. They don't deserve to talk to beautiful you. If they can't be respectful to you. I love you, we all love you. And that's all that matters. You understand babe." I said smiling and hold her hand. Then the papa came. "How's your guys sex." "Lauren, are you doing this for attention." That one pissed me off, "You know what all of you need to get life's! Because all you do is piss us off, you butt into our life's, now my girlfriends! And the sex part, well we haven't had sex! So, yeah. Plus that's none of your damn business. She just got hated on by a fan! She doesn't need! This too. So fuck off!!" I said and pushed one guy down. "Celebrities acting like they can be however they want!" The pap I pushed down yelled at me. "That's it!" I walked forward. But two pairs of hands pulled me away, "Y/N. Stop! I'm gonna teach him a lesson!" I said, trying to get out of her grip. "Lauren. Please.." She said, I calmed down. And walked away. "Lauren, you could have got in trouble." Y/N said, holding my hand, look at the ground. We got into the venue. And I dragged her in the bathroom. "I'm so gonna get you for pulling me back." I whispered in her ear. "Really?" She whispered back. I push her against the wall. "You just wait till we get to the hotel." I said kiss her deep. "I'll wait!" She said as walked out the bathroom.

A/N: So, 2 chapters in a day. I'm so proud of myself! How are you guys liking it!(; I'm gonna make a part to a the hotel. It will be a little PG-13 giving you the warning now!

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