Blank Slate

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Everyone continued to stare at me which was making me highly uncomfortable.

"Well don't just stand there Asuk give her a place to stay and something to eat!" The old man commands, tapping his cane against the ground.

"Yes sir."

My interrogator, Asuk, walks towards me and I see something dangle around his neck. It was a beautiful cross and I feel like I had seen it before.

"Nice necklace." I complement as I walk next to him towards a tent.

"Found it on the ground near the cave of the Reapers. I'm surprised those beasts didn't snap it in two." 


"Non-human cannibals. It's disgusting with what they do." My eyebrows rise up at his description. So many things confused me at this place, even on this planet. Where was I? Who was I? It's like my brain wiped everything its ever known clean. I was living a blank slate.

"Uh-thanks for the tent Asuk."

He nods and I crawl in. There was piled up blankets in a corner and a little light in the other. I sit stiffly on my makeshift bed and bury my head in my hands. I just needed a sign, anything to show me that I belonged here. When I first walked in, these people acted like they never saw me in their lives. This wasn't my family, it was just a random tribe I must have walked upon. My real family was out there, they had to be. I could just imagine the thoughts that must be running through their minds. Probably thinking I'm dead. Unless the possible chance that they were the dead ones. A bell ringing brings me out of my thoughts. I startle and jump off of my bed.

"Are we under attack?" I panick running over to Asuk.

"No that means dinner." He laughs deeply, grabbing his stomach.

"Oh." I sit at a table with a bunch of kids that looked my age or younger. There was one boy that looked way older though. He had a black, maintained beard with black hair and tan skin. The old man stood up and starts talking in another language.

"What's he saying?" I ask the girl next to me.

"Sh, don't interrupt the commander's prayer." Commander?

He soon sits down and everyone digs into the loaf of bread and meat that was before us. The meat tasted awful, like somebody had rubbed dirt on it and then burned it in a fire. I hold back my gag, pushing my plate away.

"Not one for eating huh?" The older boy with the black beard comes over and sits next to me.

"I don't know." I really didn't. I don't remember if I was one of those picky types or if I ate everything under the sun.

"Well the commander doesn't like wasteful pupils, try maybe taking a couple more bites. Nom nom nom." He demonstrates making the rest of us laugh. I bring the toxic waste up to my mouth and take a nibble, not being able to do what he did. The taste was nauseating.

"How about we stick to the bread." I nod thankful to hear him say that. I scarf the food down like there was no tomorrow.

"Who is she?" I hear a couple kids mumble. I look around to see that all of them had dropped their food and were just staring at me, speechless. I put my head down embarrassed, staring at the remainder of my bread. I wouldn't be able to answer their question anyway.

"My name is Kilo, what's yours?" The older boy asks.

"I don't know." I look up to him with tears building up in my eyes. He shifts his lips to one side and looks at me as if he was studying my eyes.

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