Found By Him

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Chapter 1

Special thanks to BrittanyLeigh8 for helping me start with this story. Thank you so much:)

Rae's POV

I took a deep breath as I leaned against my favorite tree. Tonight the forest was quiet as usual. I had been out here since I had cooked dinner for the man I call a father. I had just closed my eyes when something deep inside the woods growled. I knew another wolf was nearby. That being said I had to leave immediately. My father would most likely drunk off his ass by now. I can easily sneak in without him even noticing. The only thing that was bothering me was that I had to start at a new school tomorrow. I was so not looking forward to that.

I exited the forest and was shocked to see the back porch light on. He was awake, and angry. I could smell his hatred from me all the way across the lawn. I stopped dead at the entrance into the forest. I had a very slim chance of getting away. Mainly because I don't think the monster on the porch spotted me yet. But I wasn't so lucky. The wind direction had changed just so slightly that I knew he caught my scent.

I decided to face him. Otherwise the punishment would be worse. But as I got closer the evil grin on his face got wider and wider. His hands were behind his back. I knew he had his oh so precious knife in his hands. I went directly into his field of vision. That’s when I knew I was doomed.

"Well looky here. Its twelve past midnight and my daughter just came home. Thank goodness she didn't get hurt. No that would take away my pleasure in causing her pain." He said in a low voice so that no one would be able to hear it. Even though we didn't have any neighbors.

"I'm sorry I wasn't home I was checking the perimeter sir." I told him. If he knew I was resting I wouldn't live to see another day. He just smirked believing my story. He was always trusting when drunk. He stumbled down the stairs and almost fell. But I caught hold of his arm and steadied him. He then turned and punched me in the gut.

I couldn't breathe. I did the only thing he would allow me to do. I dropped to the ground and covered my head. He kicked me in the stomach and ribs. I knew a few ribs would be fractured. But I didn't care. If I went to the hospital he would beat me even worse than he does now. He decided that now was a good time to bring out his trusty knife and stab me in the leg as many times as possible.

When he was finished he slowly walked back inside locking the door behind him. I slowly rose from the ground wincing at the pain in my legs. At least he never touched my face, ever. He knew that if he did people would notice and I would be sent away leaving him with no one to beat up.

I walked to the side of the house and climbed up the built in ladder that was there. When I got onto the second floor balcony I quietly snuck inside and locked my door. I stepped in to the bathroom and got my first aid kit. Four years of abuse will teach you a few things about self-healing. I pulled up my shirt to my shoulders and removed my old now ripped bandage. I put the new bandage on quickly and fixed up my left leg before heading to bed.

I awoke to the soft sound of my silent alarm clock and got up. Today was my first day of school. I was already in sour mood. Everything hurt when I moved. I crawled over to my closet very slowly. When I was dressed in my blue jeans and black top with my hoodie over it I made my way down the stairs. I saw my father asleep on the couch. I crept into the kitchen and got out a bottle of vodka for him while sneaking an apple in my pocket.

When I had all my things I headed for the door. I very carefully closed the door and locked it. Then I began the three mile walk to school. I saw the front of the school when a car drove by. A bunch of students were in the car and very quickly parked. All of them were wolves. And thank god they hadn't smelt me. I could tell every single one of them had a status of power over the pack.