Chapter 2

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Kyrei's POV

It had been a few weeks since my run in with Rex and his jealous ass boyfriend. I told myself I would become Rex's best friend and nothing more. He couldn't know I was in love with him. Yet I flirted with him when we texted anyway.

All day everyday we were texting eachother, which was pissing off his boyfriend even more. I knew I'd have to back down so he could try to be happy with his boyfriend again, but it hurt so much to see him kissing someone else.

I pulled out the spare apartment key Gryusihe had given me and slid it in the lock. I was thankful to have him around, he could be a ass, but I put up with him anyway. I talked to him about Rex allot, so much he started groaning everytime he heard his name.

When I opened the door though, I knew something was wrong. I called out to Gryusihe knowing that he was home, but there was no answer. I walked to his bedroom door and knocked. No sound came from the other side of the door, so I slowly opened it.

What I saw made me fall to my knees, and I felt my depression growing on me. Gryusihe's blood was everywhere in the room, and he layed dead on his bed. I felt broken and crushed, I just lost the only person that would ever think about taking me in.

Slowly I pulled out my phone and dialed '911'. I told them the address and what I knew about what happened. After I hung up I got to my feet and ran out of the apartment. I went to the only place that made me forget about everything, the bar.

"Hey Kyrei, the usual?"

I looked up to a smiling blond I had known for years, Mikey. He had been a bartender here for a while, and he always knew what I drank. I happened to be the reason he was currently gay, yet we were still close friends.

"Yeah man," I mumbled.

I felt hands on my back and when I turned round I laughed right in the face of Mikey's friend and my ex-fiance Anthony. I went out with Anthony for a while, he knew I was sleeping around but didn't say anything. Yet when we went to Vegas one time we had a close call with marriage when we were drunk.

"What do you want Anthony?" I spat at him.

"What I always want, you."

I rolled my eyes at him. He never gave up on trying to get me to be his again. He knew how I always was yet he thought he could make me happy. As if. The only person that could make me happy is Rex, and I can't have him.

"Go screw yourself Anthony, I know you would gladly."

He smirked, "You know me so well don't you Kyrei? This is why were meant to be."

Anthony moved closer to me and tried to grab my hand, but he ended up getting punched in the face. He stepped back holding his face in shock. He should no by now I never lose a fighting, and don't plan to.

"What the hell!"

"Touch me again I'll rip your arm off, and you know I'm not kidding."

I turned back to see Mikey watching me with a worried expression, but I simply pulled the Voda bottle out of his hands and started to chug it down. Drinking...the first step to getting out of the shit I call life. I could feel the effect already, and welcomed it gladly.

I didn't want to keep thinking of seeing Gryusihe's dead body, or the fact I'd never get to be with Rex. When I turned back around Anthony was gone and I smiled to myself. Then I looked around for the perfect distraction.

I looked through them all and couldn't seem to find what I was looking for. They were either all to innocent or busy screwing eachother on tables. I sighed and reached behind the bar for another Vodka. When I had it down I noticed the guy smiling at me.