The beginning of the end

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Today in English 1 of liberty Highschool, freshman year. This is the start of the end of a lot of things, and for once I can say it's not the end of me, it's the end of everything negative, the end of depression, laziness, search for love/a girlfriend and the end of all suicidal tendencies, no it is not because I found someone it is because I'm giving up on it, but besides the point, this is the beginning of the end of me metaphorically not literally, I'm gonna probably uninstall this app and many others because I don't use them and there's no point to them seeing as this is basically me talking to myself for 20-30 minutes. But anyways anyone that stubbles upon this, just go do something you like or try to make a dream your reality, basically just go make your life better as I'm doing now, this is my return, but it's also me leaving for good, none of this matters anyway so I can basically write anything, I like spaghetti, I hate corn and I love, actually scratch that just in case, but I'm not gonna backspace and get rid of it just for writing style and comedic affect, at the end of the day, this was pointless, motivating at one point and then just banter and randomness, but it's a proper end to something that's lasted too long to continue.

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