My Dear Lucy

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It was case number three of Lucy's first few weeks as the Prof's assistant that first started the trend of the Prof saying, "my dear Lucy," which was already an endearing term he decided to coin when addressing her and speaking about her to other colleagues. Lucy felt as though it was a slip of the tongue, something Alfendi certainly didn't intend. The words didn't stop the fluttering in her heart however, despite such a short time with the Prof. Even with his ongoing battle in his head, she still felt that feeling of deep love. Placid and Potty both continued to call her this, even after Forbodium. If anything, his doting nicknames increased to more loving ones, such as love, darling, sweetheart...the list could go on.

Even the suspects of their own cases began to question their relationship. Lucy had originally thought it was just the previous two from long ago, but people just couldn't keep their noses out of the two's relationship. One particular case brought Potty to a practical brink, with the suspect coming with an onslaught of questions and a forceful push.

"So, let me get this straight. You guys aren't a thing?" The American asked, his elbow propped on the table and his chin resting on his hand. He was merely a witness, but still a suspect regardless. Jack was his name and he already proved to be quite an arse. "You had me fooled there with the whole darling and sweetheart routine."

", we aren't, it's just his way of being endearing." Lucy responded, eyes downcast as the Prof searched for the evidence in the other room. "We never have been and most likely never will be." Lucy faltered, then frowned, "It isn't even your business!"

"Good grief, you guys are suckers." Jack sipped the tea Lucy offered him, "I mean, it's only a matter of time until someone claims your heart. Are there any suitors? I'd like to be next in line." He shot her a flirty grin, but Lucy saw past it. My heart isn't even open's been taken by two people in one body...

"You're making yourself look worse, don't even bother." Lucy quipped, looking away as Jack leaned in closer to Lucy, centimeters away. Lucy leaned back against her chair in attempts to move away from the invader.

"I don't care. That Prof of yours...he has no moxie. If he really did want something of you, he should have just put a ring on your finger. I'm sure he won't mind if I just..." Lucy was ready to shove the young man and handcuff him to the table when the Prof walked in, his eyes practically blazing when he saw the sight. In seconds, the Prof's hair became a dark crimson, a complete contrast of who he was earlier. He rushed forward to Jack, bringing a hand around his windpipe and forcing him against the nearby wall. Despite Jack having the advantage of height, Potty seemed to have the advantage of pure adrenaline.

"Don't you dare touch her." Potty snarled, banging Jack to the wall with an unexpected amount of force. Jack clung onto Potty's wrist in attempt to remove it, but Potty was surprisingly stronger.

"Potty!" Lucy sprang up and ran to him, attempting to pry his iron grip from Jack's neck. "Let him go!"

"Shut up, Baker!" Potty barked, "I should have him arrested for assault towards you, darling." Even Potty had coined such dear terms, which still swelled Lucy's already large amount of affection for her Prof. She ignored the feeling for the time being and went on attempting to remove his hand from their suspect. This would be trouble for them if Jack decided to press charges, as despite the Prof deciding they were 41.75% correct that he was the murderer.

"He didn't touch me!" Lucy attempted to bring sense to her dear inspector. When Potty refused to remove his hand, Lucy began tugging harder, "Potty, let him go or we have to deal with worser things than just him attempting to snog me!" Lucy said as the Prof's haired turned to a dark purple shade. Jack wheezed as he brought air back to his lungs, coughing immensely.

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