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Hyuna's POV

"Oppa! Eomma had cancer...and you know it!" He aggressively shook his head "No! No! NO!" I flinched. "SHE IS ALIVE!" He yelled and ran away as I followed him.

I saw him sitting near a tree, head resting on his knees as he was weeping. "Oppa, let's go home." I said, kneeling down and touching one of his arms.

I got up and stopping a taxi, I sat in it. He got up too and sat beside me and the whole journey was quite silent.

We finally reached home and I rushed inside. He went to his room and locked in as I called Father to inform him about the situation.

He was relieved to hear that Oppa was just out with his friends, the ones that I knew.

"Well yes Dad, I know his friend very well." I thought.

Y/N's POV 

I looked around in the room and putting back the little soft toy back on its place, I grinned widely.

Why did he let me touch him there? Does he lo-

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud thunder. I quickly moved to the windowpane and looked out of the window, on the vast cemetery ground. The water droplets started hitting the ground and I just stared up at the sky.

 The water droplets started hitting the ground and I just stared up at the sky

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"Did he find his house?...." was all that I thought.

Little did I know the untold truth....

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