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Mina was not wearing the wedding dress she was in her jeans and shirt. Her shirt was full of blood. I saw bambam was ripping her shirt. Mina woke up and start shouting. I walked behind bambam signaling mina to not tell. I hit his head so hard. He fell on the ground. I helped mina to stand up.

"We have to go now all are waiting for you"I said.

She nod and we go to her house.
She changed her dress.

         (Mina wore this dress)

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         (Mina wore this dress)

She was looking so beautiful. I had treated mina as my daughter. Today is her wedding.  I hope Y/N take care of her and help her.

As we reach we saw mina's father was standing outside waiting for her. We get out of the car. She hug her father and link arms with him.

Mina's P.O.V

Am I really ready to be a good wife?

I walked down the aisle with my father. I was looking at the ground.

I saw Y/N!!!!

Y/N is my husband!!!!

Is it a dream??!!


Wait!!! It's her!!!

It's mina!!!

She is my wife!!!

Tell me that I'm dreaming!!!

"Y/N, Please take care of my daughter"mina's father said.

"Yes, I will"I said and give him a small smile.

I offered my hand to mina signaling to took it.

She accept it.

"Sharon, do you take lee as your lawful husband?"the priest asked.

Sorry for wrong English! 

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