His Private Dancer Pt. 3

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I guess it wouldn't kill me to go ahead and update lol


"So what now" I asked August and waited for an answer. "It's ya call ma" he said with a wink. I kissed August with the most intense and passionate kiss I had in me. Without breaking the kiss, August effortlessly picked me up and pushed me up against the wall of the dance studio.

Somehow, someway, my panties and bra came off. I didn't know and I didn't care because the more I waited for the most blissful experience of my life to happen, the more impatient I grew.

August lifted me higher until my legs were on his shoulders and his soft, pink, plump lips were at my moist wet pussy.

"Damn ma" he said against my pussy with his thick NOLA accent casuing me to feel the vibration which made me wetter. He left soft kissing along my inner thigh and continued to tease me until I had enough.

"August, I want you and I want you now" I said impatiently. "You ain't gotta tell me twice ma." He smiled and lowered me till my legs wrapped around his waist.

He softly nibbled on my neck and rocked me up and down trying to get me a little use to his rather large peice. "August..." I said breathily. With that, he gave me most of it. I quickly gasped. "UH". The pace was slow at first because hie dick was so long and thick and my pussy was pretty tight. "Shit ma ya tight" he said nibbling on my left breast.

He continued to keep a slow steady pace until I was almost use to his size. "I want it all August" I said aggressively. With that he did what he was told and gave me his all. He shoved every bit of himself inside me and I let out a whimper. "Uh! SHIT!" I exclaimed. August lighlty chuckled "I gave ya whatcha asked fuh ma."

August continued to work his steady pace, but for some reason I wanted more and I knew he did too. "More..." I said breathily. "You sure ma?" "Mmmmm more!!" I asked in frustrasion. "Ight ma. You asked for it" he warned me. With my final request, he did as I insisted and shoved every bit in me. "Ahhhh...FUCK Aug!". "Faster" I begged. He sped up.

At this point August was pounding my pussy and I could feel my wetness start to slowly drip. August wanted more so he went even harder and faster. "FUCK GIRL!" he yelled. I began to bounce so hard that my long straight har fell from its bun but I could care less.

August continued to go hard and both he and I could feel our climaxes coming. August started pounding my pussy harder and I could no longer take it. I was still up against the wall and right now, I really needed something to grab on to. I bit down on his shoulder and dug my nails deep into his back. I guess he liked it because he started to grind against me. I began to grind on him also.

"AUG!" I yelled as I felt my climax arising. "Mmmm, say it again ma" he said aggressively. "AUG!!" I yelled. With that he gave it all he could. We both grinded and dug and bit and bounced.

"SHIT!!" I yelled as I climaxed and my juices flowed down his long thick shaft. He gave a few more pumps and "AHHH FUCK!!" he yelled as he busted.

August continued to hold me in his arms, but I was too exhausted to even move. He looked me deep in my eyes and gave me a wonderful passionate kiss. "I might need another dance ma" he said in a chuckle. "Maybe later" I said still catching my breath.

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