Chapter 59: Taurus Showdown

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Days passed. The Tournament continued. Each day the contestants fought against each other. Many Taurus lost, many won, and the number of the contestants was getting smaller and smaller, until one day only two were left.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, the final round which all of you have been waiting for so long!" the anchorman announced with triumph, "Two formidable Taurus Zodiac Mistresses who have proved their might in the Tournament: Danielle Schatzen of Rose Cruce Order, a wonderful Taurus lady of Monkey spirit - Player Class, Joker rank, against Yolanda Torres of New World Order, an amazing Taurus dame of Ox spirit - Defender Class, Guardian rank!"

The people applauded, and so did the friends, at the announcement of Danielle's name. Riza yelled with joy and jumped on her seat, and so did Tiger with all of her three pets. Kokuyo was no less joyful, as well as Tamie and Edmund. They were proud of their fellow member and Riza's mother. However, many people whooped at the announcement of Yolanda Torres as well, and this time, the Virgo Celestial Lady who was sitting beside Kokuyo, clapped too.

"Hmm, apparently she's from the New World Order just like that Yolanda," Tiger whispered to her 'sisters' and the young men.

"Hmph, that New World Order is a pain..." Edmund muttered with clear disgust and adjusted his glasses, "We mustn't let them take the victory".

"Don't worry. Ms. Schatzen's going to smash them!" Tiger grinned and clenched her fists.

"Hehe," Riza giggled, "I hope so! I wish so badly that she takes the title!"

"She will. Didn't you see her performances? Each time your mom takes the stage, it is a blast. She is the Joker, after all - the final rank of the Player Class. Players are formidable at all kinds of performances," Tamie winked.

"Yes. She is quite skilled," Kokuyo attested. 

The friends excitedly watched the show. The two women walked out on the Stadium. Danielle eyed her opponent - a pink-haired, well-dressed lady with glasses, who apparently was quite sensitive over petty things.

 Danielle eyed her opponent - a pink-haired, well-dressed lady with glasses, who apparently was quite sensitive over petty things

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"Hmm, but that Yolanda performed well too..." Riza grew anxious again as she watched the pink-haired woman's calm and careless demeanour, "After all, she is an Ox, and the Ox spirit is the best match for the Taurus sign..."

"So is the Monkey," Kokuyo argued, "Just because both Taurus and the Ox spirit are bulls it doesn't mean they are almighty together. If one doesn't apply the right methods, they may easily lose. So don't worry. Trust in your mother's strength".

"Thanks, Kokuyo!" Riza smiled and looked down at the ring again, rooting for her mother.

The gong rang and the women cried out their incantations:

"Taurus Style, Defender Art, Guardian Mode; Ox spirit, Ring Twelve - Boulder Demon Ox!" yelled Yolanda and unleashed her giant Ox spirit, embracing herself with it.

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