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((Warning! There are a lot of time skips and a very long chapter ahead.))

Your POV~~~

I passed high school with extremely good grades and therefore went to one of the best universities in South Korea. The same one as Tae! Though he is one year above me, we both kept meeting in university. We both continued our relationship, even though there were a lot of problems caused by some fangirls in high school. I hope we could survive those things in university as well.

^^^ 2 years later ^^^

It has been 2 years since the starting of university and 3 and a half years of our relationship. Today we celebrated our 3 years anniversary because we weren't able to celebrate it before. You know the university is too tough.

Tae and I went to a romantic dinner in the same cheap restaurant from before, and surprisingly the food was still very delicious. Well, that restaurant gained quite a lot of the customers than before. I am happy for them. But the main event of that night wasn't the date or the restaurant...

Tae proposed to me!

Tae FreAkiNG pRopOsED tO mE

He bent on his one knee and said such beautiful words that I will remember forever.

(Y/N) we have been together for more than 3 years currently. Nothing mattered to me more than you when we started dating. You were my joy, my partner of hardships, my only one in sadness, my best friend and best girlfriend that I don't even deserve.

You made me smile when I was depressed, you made me calm when I was angry, you solved all my problems and gave me the best solutions I could ever get.

You are my first and only love (Y/N) and I hope to stay with you forever. Please never leave me, stay with me forever, so would I. I want to continue this journey with you, not only as a boyfriend but as a fiancé and then a husband. Will you be my marry me?

I obviously answered 'yes' and we both hugged the life out of each other. We shared a passionate kiss afterward.

We have planned to get married after the graduation. When I told my parents about it, they just asked me one question. "Is the boy rich?" I just shook my head at their immaturity and racism and left my house for good.

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