♡Painful Truths|Part Three♡

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Michael's heart broke upon those words. He didn't want to believe that you were gone - he couldn't. It was funny how things had played out. One minute, he had you - and the next, you were gone. The doctor apologized to Michael, and told him how much everyone had tried to save you - but none of it made sense to Michael. He was heartbroken.


He had killed you, he was extremely guilty. If only he hadn't pushed you.

He stepped back a bit as Carol placed her hands on his shoulder in order to help him keep his balance. Tears ran silently down his face as he shook his head. Why was life so cruel to him?

"If you want to see her..." the doctor trailed off. Michael nodded, and with Carol's help - he made his way to the operating theater, where the nurses were cleaning up. His insides turned when he saw your pale body laying on the bed.

Your eyes were closed, and your lips were blue. It was only at that point that Michael had noticed just how thin you had become. He let out a sob as he took your bony hand in his, getting down on his knees. He kissed your hand and sniffled, shaking his head.

"Come back to me, please baby," he sobbed, continuing to shake his head sadly. He hated himself. Suddenly, the doors opened - and the doctor walked in, holding a little bundle in his arms. It took a moment for me to realize what he had been holding.

He walked up to Carol and handed the baby to her as Michael stood up. More tears began to stream down his face when Carol proceeded to hand the baby to him.

"It's a baby girl," the doctor nodded before walking out of the theater.

Carol rubbed Michael's back as he smiled a little at the angel in his arms. She was barely an hour old, and he could already see that she had her mother's eyes.

He began to sob as the baby moved awkwardly in his arms.

"Maria," he whispered. "Maria Jackson,"


After about a day or two, the funeral arrangements had been made - and the service was beautiful. People came to admire Maria all throughout the lunch aspect of the day. Carol stood by Michael's side the entire time, and he couldn't have been more grateful to her.

Lisa had also attended the funeral service, and when Michael had gone up to the bedroom - she followed.

"Michael?" Lisa spoke, making him turn around with Maria in his arms. Michael sighed.

"Lisa," he responded in acknowledgement.

"Listen, I'm not here for anything other than to offer my condolences," she walked toward him. "I really am sorry,"

"Yeah, well so am I. I should never have been unfaithful to (Y/N) anyway,"

Lisa nodded before gesturing to the little baby in Michael's arms.

"She's beautiful,"

"She is," Michael smiled a bit, looking down at Maria's peacefully sleeping form. "She looks just like (Y/N),"

Lisa nodded before looking up at Michael.

"Can I....hold her?"

Michael gave Lisa a long look before handing Maria to her carefully. Lisa held Maria like an expert, especially considering that she had had children of her own. She smiled down at Maria as the baby opened her eyes and smiled.

"I think she likes you," Michael joked as Lisa handed Maria back to him.

"I'll get going now," Lisa smiled slightly before walking out of the room and shutting the door behind her.

Michael began to tear up a little as he looked at the gorgeous little girl in his arms.

"I love you so much,"


Seventeen Years Later.

"And that was the story of how you were born," Michael sighed sadly as he sat next to his beautiful daughter.

Maria truly was the epitome of beautiful. She had long black hair that fell below her hips, and her skin looked as if it had been made of pure caramel. She possessed Michael's talent to sing, and yours to talk.

"As well as how your mother died," Michael shook his head as Maria rubbed his back in understanding. "I'll never forgive myself for that day,"

"Don't beat yourself up about it, dad. Mom would have forgiven you - and it's not like you moved on after her death. You love her, and she would never stop loving you - nothing seems wrong," Maria gave her father a hug. "And we'll always remember mom. She was the best thing that ever happened to us,"

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