Chapter 12 ~ Mila

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CLARIFICATION! When Mila talks about Alex and Niall breaking up, she meant that time in Backfire, chapter 31 and 32. After that (during the summer, when classes started) they haven't broken up. So don't panic! They are still very much in love.


Chapter 12 ― Mila 

I finally met Phebs and she was lovely. I immediately loved her and she brought up this sweet side of me. Something similar to what Liam could do to me when we talked or shared a moment. In our way to the airport, I talked a lot to the blonde girl, mainly about my stories and how excited she was. Phebs kept telling me about how I should publish a book, that fan-fiction wasn’t enough for me, that I had the potential to be a published writer and I should start selling books right now. Did you see? Lovely girl.

When we got to the airport and after meeting with Paul, we were led to where the lads were and the first thing I saw, was Louis and Niall running towards Alex, fighting over who had the right to be with her and hug her. I laughed at their silliness until I saw a Harry running towards me. He hugged me like we were child friends who hadn’t seen each other in years.

“I’m glad you could make it!” He told me still hugging me. I was laughing and hugging him back. “I wanted to see you before disappearing for a month. We’re gonna Skype, right?”

“Sure. You have to tell me how everything is going, but try not to sent to many pictures,” I teased him and he just smiled cockily.

“How are your finals going?” He asked looking intently into my eyes. Sometimes his stare was too intense.

“Dunno yet. I still have so many papers to hand in. My brain is melting already,” I replied with a smile of my own.

“You’re gonna do it great! I just know it.” My smile grew bigger at his words. It was always good to have someone that trusted in you and who told you that you could do it.

We stayed there talking about nothing important, just catching up a bit though we talked almost everyday and sometimes even more. We were messaging each other all the time. God bless iMessage. I would be totally broke without it. For being such a huge popstar, Harry had a lot of time to send pointless and stupid messages.

I didn’t notice Zayn had approached until I heard his voice and turned around to see him. His smile was so sweet and a bit shy, like he wasn’t sure of what to do and I found that so cute I wanted to scream. Yeah, weird reactions I had from time to time. But Zayn had something when he smiled that lighted up all his features and I knew he was attractive when I met him —I wasn’t blind, for Loki’s sake— but when he smiled he was ten times hotter.

Whilst our drive to the airport, I decided that I was going to be nice to him, I was going to put aside all my negative thoughts about him and his inability to see me. He was leaving the country for several weeks, the least I could do was to be nice. Plus, if I could forget about his self-centred personality and his kind of obsession with Alex, I thought we could be great friends. For what Harry had told me during the last weeks we’d been talking, I knew Zayn was a nice and fun boy. At least, that was what it seemed.

“Hi there, Zayn,” I replied with a smile of my own and I hardly noticed when Harry left us alone there. To be honest, I didn’t care. Something wrong was happening to me because I couldn’t stop looking at Zayn, the way his eyes smiled at me too, how those thick and curly eyelashes framed his eyes making them so damn beautiful. Though I always found coloured eyes more beautiful, I had to admit that this boy had incredible, stunning eyes.

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